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R&R Sample Sale, Los Angeles, Nov. 17-18

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Hi everyone...dnordic just posted this in the sales and coupons section, but I thought that it should be posted here as well. I want to go sooooo bad, I'll have to find a way!!!!!

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Awww u guys are lucky in L.A.! How is the selection and what are the prices like?
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whoever goes, BUY LOTS OF MEN'S JEANS IN SZ 34 lol ... I WANT IT ALL

(EDIT: especially anything with the leather R&R pockets ... see my avatar at left. IF you see anything like that in 34 for the love of god get them for me)

also, if anyone sees medallion pockets or Hysteria pockets (especially if they are on a cut other than Taylor and don't have pocket flaps) or for that matter iradium pockets, in 34, i would like them

p.s. I am unspeakably jealous, if this were on the east coast i would find a way to get there.
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also, that image you posted is a ridiculously huge filesize BMP, try this:

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i know this is RARE but if anyone sees quaalude wingers in 24 or silver ruckus kiedis 24 (with the r's)PLEASEEEEEEE buy for me and i will give you more $$! I have been searching for these two pairs for like EVER.
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If there are scorps w/ purple stitching to fit a sz 26 BUY FOR ME! OMG halite scorpions would be so hot.
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GEORGE NEEDS TO MOVE BACK HOME ASAP! cause i want some freaking jeans
omg i want to go i want to go i want to go i want to go
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You know what this means though? Maybe Runway stores will be getting MORE R&R!!!!!!!
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I want crowns so badly.
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i want the new crowns TOO i didnt even freaking think of that I BET THEY HAVE NEW COLOURS AND SHIT! oohhhoehaoehoae awsome... someone if u see a pair of the new crowns in a new style like perhaps a red colour or pink or somehting or green let me know!!!
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Does anyone know what the prices are like at these sales? I'm thinking of going but I live in San Diego so it would be a drive. Just wondering if it is worth it
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^that has to be the longest username on the forum
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oh hell yes it's worth it! you can get styels that r not released yet or wont be released (just straight samples) and if u have a 250 pair of jeans at 50-80% def worth it!
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Originally Posted by gam29 View Post
^that has to be the longest username on the forum
I know When I signed up it would only take a long name for some reason.

Thanks for the info. on the prices Nova. I may have to take a drive to L.A. next weekend
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Ah I am so jealous. I live up in Canada so no way to go but ahhh. I almost want to go on vacation down there, at that time. Ahhhhh
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i want as many pairs of jeans as possible (100+) and am willing to pay commission and prepay for it if necessary
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I'd like ANYTHING in size 32 or 31 PLEASE!! Women's or some mens in size 34 too!! ANYTHING
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GRRRR Why can't there be an R&R Sample sale in the east coast!!!!
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ANYTHING with purple stitching and nice dark washes and the new logo pockets, I WANT! And what's on my sig Let me know! I beg of you guys. (size 24 for ruckus, TTS 26)
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I will so be there ... I can't wait!
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Goddammit, I just have to be broke right now...

Thank god for credit cards~
See you guys there!
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What do they usually have for mens? Is it things that are new, etc? Well Ill be there, thank god for LA!
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Oh, my friend went to the last sample sale...prices ranged from 60-90 bucks!!! OMFG!
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