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Need Some Help!

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Alrighty guys, I am new to Rock & Republic, need some of you experts to help me out. I know some of the styles such as: Pete, Henley, and Floyd....but what are the fits like? I am looking for a very tight fit around the thigh and then more of a bootcut toward the bottom. I love X-Rotucks/Zathans in Diesel and Joeys/Billys in True Religion, what would I like in R&R? I was at Saks today and I saw some Floyds that I really liked...they looked like a pretty tight fitting jean, am I right? And are there any tighter fitting jeans? Help would be very appreciated! Thanks guys!
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Hi there, I'm currently working in a style guide, you can see the first version here:

if you have any questions, just pm me.
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Awesome, rock on. THanks a lot!
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