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jacket alteration

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Hi. I'm new here. I just want to ask u guys a question. Today I went to this tailor store and asked how much it would cost for altering my Diesel jacket that included shorten the length and the sleeves. They told me that normally they would charge $135 for that but they were willing to give me a discount for $50, so that's $85, and would take in the waist too to make it more fitted in addition to the length adjustments all for the $85. So, do you guys think that this is a good price? I've never done an alteration for jackets before so I have no idea. I live around the DC area. Anyone know of any good tailors in this NOVA/DC area? I don't really care the price actually well at least be reasonble of coz I just want a good tailor that will do a very good job on my jacket. Thanks guys.
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I wouldn't do it for that price. 50$ Max for the sleeves only.
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85 is good for the sleeves and length and waist alteration, but is a rip off for only the sleeves.
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thanks for your input but are u talking from the point of view of the tailor or me as the consomer???
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so $85 for all of that (shortening the length and sleeves and taking in the waist) is a fair price???

also, I'm not even sure if i should mess with the waist coz the jacket is not very cheap ($550) its the one with the denim collar from last winter...i'm also getting the one with the leather collor and chain on the chest this season so if they do a good job with this one I can go to them for the other one too. but should i let them change the waist too or better leave it alone??
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i think it really depends upon the construction of the jacket, and how much you take away from the waist, and also the skill of the tailor
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i just had a trench coat shortened, slimmed in waist, sleeves shortened and slimmed, and a belt made from the excess fabric for $45 at a local tailor shop. not a perfect job, but a hell of a lot better than i was expecting.

how thick is your jacket? mine was not super thick, but it did have lining
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Would shortening a blazer by 1 - 1.5" be a bad idea? Where would they take it in at?
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you should ask to see a jacket that they have already done those things to and see their quality of work first. if it's a good job, then it's def worth it IMO
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how thick is your jacket
The name of the jacket/blazer is Guillar w/ Denim. Someone is selling them on Ebay right now. I got it last year but only worn it once coz its like a bit too long although mine is already a Small. I think the jacket is supposed to fit a llittle longer though but I'm just short and it kinda mess up the whole proportion of my body making me appear even shorter.

So Candy, you have yours done for only $45? That's incredible man.

BTW, does anybody know the name of this jacket form the current season, it's all black with a leather collar and a chain on the left chest retail for $700? I tried them on in the NY store a couple weeks ago and I loved it. But they were still a bit long for me esepcailly on the sleeves so I didnt pull the trigger. But if this guys good I can shorten them there too. So, anybody know the name of this jacket I'm talking about?
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