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is lyon r and r for women??

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is lyon a women's jeans?
here is a picture

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I believe those are mens.
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is there an r and r line called lyon??
is this correct?

the seller said this is womens ?
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I think it's zion, and that's a wash
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oo so this is a mens jeans and zion is the wash.

so the wash is not dark crystal ?? The seller said this is r and r lyon with dark crystals?

I was not convinced, thats why I am checking with the experts here.

I am not familiar with r and r mens range, and I have never heard of lyon, only pete, taylor, henley
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I saw that auction. That seller only has mens R&R, and had some other mens jeans listed as womens.

I have never heard of that style before, but it appears to be a sample anyways, so for all we know there's only one of those. The Killer's the one to ask
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