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R&R Johnny cut. Apologies for the mess:

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:P Good fit, messy room
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haha, your observational skills are amazing =) i work in San Diego on the weekends, and this shot was taken right when i got back to my apartment. looks like my roomie wanted to catch me in a contemplative mood of how to pickup the mess i brought with me.
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R&R Floyd Oxycotins. My collection has increased by 1!

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^^Very nice! Those are one of my favourite mens washes! Lookin' good!
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I'll post here as well Those are a great fit...lucky you...a lot of people want Oxys!!!
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Those look awesome. Making me want OXY again!
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^ Great fit!! Ahhh!! I need to get a pair!

I heard they fit a li'l small. Did you size up on them, Kebbers?
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Thanks for the compliments, everyone!

Yes Wulfie, I had to size up. Normally, I would wear Diesels in a 30 waist, so the Floyd Oxies went up to a 31. This is perfect to me as my thighs are far happier.

Also, given the ripping history that come along with Oxycotins, I'm hoping to avoid that with a little extra material.
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