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Thanks, I will probably keep both, definitely the Vaughns.

Im from the burbs of Cleveland and people from my home town wear tons (literally every girl almost every day and lots of guys too) of 7s, some COH and TR too, but R&R are just starting to show up here and Ive never seen any girls wearing them, definitely get lots of compliments on them though myself. Absolutely no Diesel around me either except for pairs you can tell people picked up at off 5th off the reject pile.

At college at OSU, I have seen R&Rs on other people just twice in a year and a half, lots of 7s still, but also tons and tons of completely average (AE, Hollister, Levi, A&F, etc) clothes for the mostpart. I sometimes envy my friends at Miami (OH) where people are into dressing nicer (and the girls are sooo hot), but we still kick the shit out of them in every other way anyways.
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Henley Alkaloid Studded
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^^^Aww very nice!!!!
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Originally Posted by gimmemydenim View Post
rr's are tighter than 7's and tr's but not diesel....the zathan are pretty tight....i can't speak for other cuts but those i found were extremely tight. RR's don't usually give me a problem...they usually run a bit big for me....but as well all know, their sizing isn't consistent so its' going to be different for all of us
RR is definitely tighter than all three. Every pair of RR I've tried on, I need at least a 31 but normally a 32. For Diesel, I can fit into 29, 30 or 31 depending on the cut/wash.
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Men In Rock and Republic

Return from purgatory BUMP!!!

KURT in ALPHA wash

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8 more days until I try on those jeans from the sample sale... argh...
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more pics!!!!!!!!!!!
i love this thread!!!!!!!!
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i have three pairs of R&Rs waiting for me in Toronto!!! I am sooooo excited to get home on the 20th!!!

Henley Chaos Olive
Floyd Selenium
Henley Barium

god its going to be a good day, coming home to all of that

and my parents are getting me a digital SLR camera for christmas, so ill take pics after that lol
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Bump to this thread....Gosh Agou you are so damn hot!!
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Came home finally. So here are the ones that I bought from Sliver: Oxycontin

And then these are the Neil Death Metal I got some time ago from eModa:

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Originally Posted by mctommy View Post
Came home finally. So here are the ones that I bought from Sliver: Oxycontin
someone finally spelled my name right! i swear, everyone else on this site is dyslexic, it's always "Silver" haha

they look great on you tho.

Can't wait to unwrap my new jeans in 24 hours!!! wooooot
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Originally Posted by Agou View Post

oww, will you marry me ..
You look hot!
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Posting on behalf of my buddy BillyHOEZ!
He's too shy(lazy?) to post himself
He got these from the R&R sample sale in LA a while back.
The one w/ flaps is a bit big but the wash is soooo hottttt :P

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Thread Starter 
^^i kinda noticed his HOT upper body b4 i paid attention to the jeans

and those jeans are HOT!! lol
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^ ahahaha werd
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Um yeah I was going to say he totally looks like he is shaped like a V, but its sweet Is that your roomie, Katie??
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No that's my friend BillyHOEZ, he's posted on here before


He doesn't come on often anymore because he's scared he'll be tempted to purchase more jeans ;D

My roomie buys his jeans from Gap and Express, lolz... He thinks i'm insane. He's a good roomie though he brings in my packages for me when I'm not there during the week
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Gizmokat, on my computer your friends pictures are huge.. am I the only one??
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Hmm yea they're really big but I thought HF resized them automatically?
Maybe not in ie... :X
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What I gave my bf for xmas

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My first R&R's. I think i'm in love.

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Ephedrine costellos

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wow, those look really awesome anthony!
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