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Please post pics of you wearing men's True Religion jeans.

I enjoy looking at all the pretty pics of female members wearing TRs on other threads, but having a men's TR only thread would make finding examples of members wearing a certain style of mens TR jeans much easier.
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i will post one soon as i received one..
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Thanks guys, please keep the pics coming.

This is my contribution. Sorry for the poor camera pics. I will post pics of other TRs soon.

'Danny' 50's Group Denim - The Boss

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i think i like this idea
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Oh...sorry, one pair is joey big t, forgot what the other pair is. Sorry for the messy bathroom and poor pic quality.
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So far I have only 2 pairs of TR's. Both are Micky's. I'm still hunting for Wild Bill wash.

I also have been looking nice pair of Joey's, but couldn't decide which wash I should get.

Those of you who have Micky's and Joey's...do you have same size on both or size up for Joey?
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Originally Posted by benjdow View Post

and something that appears to be a white powder...

I think I may love you.

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Looking good guys!
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Joey Super T

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Joey - Destroyed Cowboy

Joey - Dark Pony Express

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lookin good guys!!!!!!
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looking hot!!!
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sexy sexy sexy! I love a guy in tr's

HEY EVIL... I want to see YOU in here!!!

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billy big T
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Billy Super T

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can you guys tell me what style and wash these are

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You should make better pics, it`s hard to see anything! Are they black and cord?
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cant see the wash at all
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sorry about that
ill take some better ones
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here they are

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