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I'll pick up a bunch if they have them. The colors I found were lime green, bright blues, mauve... not many neutrals. I haven't been back in a while.
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Originally Posted by vickaaay View Post
is it true that hanky pankies dont work at all for xs or s?
They work for me... I wear XS and S normally and I have had no problems with HP's not fitting.
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So if the xs does not fit skin tight, do you find that it bunches? I've had that problem before and it's so uncomfortable!

How are the hanky panky panties?
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No, they definitely do not bunch at all - they lay flat and are very comfortable.
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I find the low rise hanky panky "thongs" can bunch a bit on the side, but it's not even noticeable until I see in in a mirror. They are my favourite thongs, but I still prefer bikinis. I wish their bikini underwear was cheaper.
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Originally Posted by MmHmluvthosejeans View Post
Once I tried Hanky Panky, I could never go back to any other kind...
Heather introduced me to the wonderful world of hanky panky. I am not the same woman. They're amazing!

*waves at Heather*
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this brand called intimissimi (it's like a french? brand) have really great seamless panties for about $10
i got them at Victoria Secret, but they don't sell intimissimi at all VS stores
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Thanks for the tips guys! I'm going to go hanky panky hunting!!
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