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UGG Sellers on Ebay

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Anybody know sellers who sell legit UGG Australia boots on ebay? House-of-Designs sells fakes, and I only found that out recently. Good thing I didn't buy anything from her. But what about some other sellers?

Has anybody dealt with gbmaxx or alamo shoes? They sell UGGs in large quantities also...so I was wondering if they're legit.

One more question, are UGG Ultra Short the ones made in New Zealand? How do they fit, should I be sizing down on these? And they're a couple inches shorter than regular UGGs right? I'm thinking of buying these because they have thicker soles.
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I got the Ultra Shorts in Chocolate. I'm normally a 6.5 - 7 depending on the shoes. For Uggs, I felt like my minis that were a 7 were huge on me now after a year. So I bought the size 5 from Zappos. They fit but there wasn't any room, so I ordered a 6. I think the 6 is perfect. I LOVE the thicker soles.

They are going to be perfect for me living in Tahoe. I can't get enough good snow boots up here.

Also, If you sign up for ebates or something similar sometimes you can get a percentage cash back on purchases. I do that and then even though I'm paying full price for Uggs at Zappos, the free overnight shipping, no tax and the rebate, makes it worth it to me. I'd love to save money on Ebay, but it can be such a hassle.

I think the only way to really get a deal on ebay is if a person is selling their pair they didn't like.
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