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Tony Walker & Co. Buffalo, NY

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Hey I was wondering if anybody has ever shopped at this store in Buffalo? If so, what was the selection like and how are the prices? Do they ever have any good sales? I'm planning a road trip to Buffalo (I'm from Toronto) at the end of this month and i really want to check out this store but not sure if its worth it! Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!!
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Honestly I have heard of Tony Walker since I am from Buffalo but i've never actaully made the trip there! haha too lazy or something.

I have been told they have awsome sales they have this one street tent sale and everything will be liek 50% off like True Religion and I am not sure if they even carry R&R to be honest but yea but I have a few friends that do shop there and love it so it's def worth checking it out! They had "Paige Denim Day" and the designer of Paige Jeans came and my friend told me that she gave everyone a free pair of jeans and a goodybag for sitting through this jeans consultation teachin people what denim will make you look better and slimmer and sexier.

Let me know how it goes cause I have yet to visit the store!
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Tony Walker & Co

It is a top of the line store, mostly about jeans (7 For Mankind, Diesel Industry), but they also carry designers like DvF, James Pearse, and Nanette Lapore. I can go on, but it is the place where all the people with money shop for their kids and themselves if they aren't stuffy. No bargains. Be prepared to spend. They have one sale a year. Elmwood Village in the city of Buffalo has some boutiques and the big mall in the area, The Galleria has expanded to include a Lucky Jeans front.
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yea i saw Galleria had Lucky's now but w/e big WOOP
and our Lord and Taylor has FCUK now but yet again big WOOP lol
and we have a Coach which is nice and Hugo Boss
but that's about it I REALLY wish we had Lacoste or United Colours of Beneton or SOMETHING even a Saks or Nordstrom but nothing
they're getting bigger which i can't complain about but I wish they were adding more stores like that

Bebe welcome!!! are you from BLo? I am ^_^ we'll be like the ONLY two members from there lol
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Hi, yeah from BLo. I found this thread when I was looking for the TW&C address and couldn't help but butt in. TW&C is a bit over the top, but it's about time we had some over the top here. And the stuff in the Elmwood Villiage is getting way more fun. Stache has two great guy lines. One of them is carried in Barneys (can't remember label) and another is an organic line from Loomstate. Girls like Sweet 'n Dirty but I haven't checked it out yet, and Urban Threads always carries expensive and good looking jeans. So many places ... I need to find out more on who carries what. LU Modern had a higher waisted, wide leg jean trouser that looked so bad; gotta go downstairs to find them. Oh, and Nappoli's in East Amherst carries Agave. They looked great on a model I saw, but probably everything looked great on her. Only women's stuff they have is women's Agave jeans and Cole Haan coats. Too much info?
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really havn't been to any of those places.... i'll have to check it out! these are all on elmwood ave?
lol give all the info u want

hmm interesting all of it i guess i need to venture downtown more!
where abouts in BLo are u from?
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I live in the city now (EV). I like boutiques better than malls where I get totally overwhelmed. Like at Forever 21, if it's not in the window, forget it. It's too noisy inside. Boutiques (except for a big concept store like TW&C) usually have decent mid-season sales because the owners need the cash for new inventory. So I wander about, go slow. I usually look for lines that fit like the top brands. The clothes I find always get noticed, too, because nothing is cookie cutter.

Tony Walker & Co is in the Tony Walker Center, right on Main Street, near the Main Street East exit off the 290 in the Williamsville suburb - before driving gets too strip mall insane. The store has lots of assistants, but if you tell them you just want to look around and try stuff on to get familiar with the brands, they won't pressure you. They are totally instructed to serve, but they'll back off if they understand you are just in to sample. They have a brand new guy shop that is connected through the back of the shop, so if you want to go with a boy, he can look at his own stuff. Lots of funky t's to go with jeans.

If you head into the EV in downtown, then you want to walk Elmwood Ave between W. Ferry and Lafayette, that's where there is the greatest concentration of stores, including Urban Threads for jeans (small but good, high priced selection). You can almost always find a place to park on Elmwood just south of W. Ferry, then head north. There are other places north and south of that patch, also on Elmwood. I'm just telling you the thickest part. There's always people out with dogs, at the coffee houses, just walking, students from the Universities and professional types. The storefronts can look a little tired, but they are really well stocked. The EV just got voted one of the top 10 neighborhoods in the country by some neighborhood association. It's really cool to walk around the holidays when all the lights come on. I sound like a rah rah, but I'm just trying to let you know that it is safe and so not a waste of time.

Where do you go?
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