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UGGS, Chestnut or sand?

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What colour should I go for ? which colour would you pick out wearing with jeans?TIA
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i prefer chestnut-i like the color better and i think it's less likely to become dirty-looking.
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i have sand bc i think it goes better with more things

i DO like chestnut better though. sand does tend to get very dirty very quickly
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modeling PICTURES?...
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I like sand because it goes with things better imo

I *heart* my uggs
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chestnut goes better with things and it's prettier IMO

but i have chocolate :P
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i have chocolate...but i LOVE chestnut! but sand would match a lot more stuff....
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I have chocolate as well.
I think your should go with chestnut!
That's my next pair!
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chestnut, chocolate or black...sand is too light IMO.
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sand will get dirtier but either color works imo since they're both in the "neutral" area.
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Chestnut goes with anything, and Sand gets dirty to quickly...especially if it snows.
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chestnut > sand
chocolate is nice too
and black is best! but i'm always partial to black so... lol
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Thats a tough one..I would get both!!
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I'd get sand if you're into keeping your shoes clean. chocolate is the best! i have a pair and i love em =)
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I have sand and it goes great with most things.. but it does get dirty REAL fast.

My favorites are chocolate and black!
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I have chestnut, sand and black....and i like CHESTNUT the best.
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Chestnut is nice, but they are definitely the most common color around here. Black is my favorite!!
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I love my chestnut and my chocolate. Black is next!
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If you don't do that much walking (as in to your car and then indoors), then SAND will be fine. I got my sands dirty on the first day just walking to and from classes.
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i have all 3 colours, and i like chestnut the most
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do you guys get the tall or short? i heard black ones dye your feet....
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I just bought the chestnut and black in tall. I didn't like the way short looked on me.
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I say chestnut, I personally have chocolate. I cannot STAND dirty shoes. I like the chocolate and the black the best...I want to get a pair of black ones so badly!

Do the tall ones fit under your bootcut or flare jeans? I would LOVE a tall pair, but not if I can't wear them under my jeans.
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