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Under the radar glasses / sunglasses

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After having experienced difficulty locating a decent pair of frames, I'd asked around on the forum (of course after search failed to provide any appealing results) but the input was disappointing so the quest continued. That is when I stumbled across a detailed, informative and pictorially abundant blog. Being hooked onto the blog paved way for three brilliant purchases.
The quality of the frames, the in-depth knowledge and feedback that Mr. D. provided and great customer service has led to this thread.

Here is a reply to a question, Mr. D. (blogger & store owner) made on another forum.

spectacles in a purely design aspect or is there a quality part to it like denim?

Both actually, but there are many more aspects to consider when choosing eyewear. Style is crucial, it's a given, but if it's made by underfed children in a sweat shop, it ain't gonna cut it. At the same time, quality alone will not get you far if you look like everyone else. In fact, finding producers that offer both high quality, exceptional design and style is the challenge we try to tackle. Twice a year we do trade shows, one in Paris in October and another in Milan in May where we touch and try everything. This year I am setting sights on Tokyo. There is this one dude who carves frames from bamboo by hand...I'd like to have these frames in my shop, on a pedestal probably. Anyway, you know it, the eyewear industry exploded in recent years and everyone from Barbie to Sponge Bob went into licensing agreements to produce their own lines of eyewear. Even Mr. Hair, Donald Da Trump has its own line of specs. It's worse than parfumes. I mean, Hello??, what's next? In light of this, you as consumers have to figure out who gives you the real shit and who robs you blind. I hate to say it, but knowing how this industry is set up, I fear many of you probably paid dearly for stuff that's not so hot. For instance, legal loopholes allow "quality conscious" manufacturers produce eyewear in China, yet have it stamped as "Made in Italy". All the frames from Tom Ford to Gucci, to Costume National to Burberry and beyond are 100 percent Chinese made. Oh they say quality is the same, bullshit. Wondered why sunglasses don't hold up as they used to and fall apart within months, if not weeks? It's 'cause it's cheap crap disguised as top quality specs with $$$$ price tag because of a logo on the side. What a bunch of shysters. Even damn' Ray Bans are made there. How about them apples? So at some point, we had to make a decision whether we ride the wagon and sell out to Prada and the like, or whether we stick with good stuff and push forward with our philosophy which is nothing less than artisanal level of quality, visionary design and freshest style. It has to be so beautiful and perfect, I must want to wear it myself, is my slogan, and if I don't find it 100%, it's not in my shop. Personal taste has a lot to do with it, I understand, and customers have to trust my instincts, but I prefer it this way, since I know, there are people out there who value style, quality and craftsmanship and will not compromise. They will see IT in a handmade frame. I just need to let them know something like this exists and when they find out, and see it firsthand, some literally freak out. And then we start talking about all around appearances and how important eyewear is and how it affects your personal style, on and on. Even the hardest ones realise that the first thing others see is your face, and what's ON your face. So if you have an average or eve a poor frame, I understand, budget can be tight, I am not an ass. But if you walk around wearing $700 shoes and $500 jeans and your frames don't fit, you are not there yet. Come see me, or ask for advice here, I will help you dot the i's.

What are spectaclesforhumans looking to carry in '08? Wolfgang Proksch and Linda Farrow Vintage collaboration with R.S and D.V.N (they already carry Branquinho and Kokosalaki)

If you are looking for quality, stylish and under the radar glasses/sunglasses then I hope
spectacles for humans is of benefit to you as it was to me.


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Now you tell me. After wearing realllly strong glasses for 43 years, I get Lasik, and now these show up BC3 needs to see these!
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Hang on a minute, when did you have LASIK?? Well you can always pick some sunglasses for the KTM days, non? Check out the Derome Brenner Huggys or Jackys.
Do you recall I quizzed you on whether you knew of a place that might carry wooden frames? Well SPH carries M.A.D.E and their walnut frame did the trick, but I'm hoping they get around to rosewood .
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I told you,I had Lasik 4 years ago! Men.
I am really hard on sunglasses, wood is out of the question but beautiful!

Ebony would be heavenly, but I would sit on them.
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