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Ok, not sure where to put this. But I'm looking for some help finding a laptop bag.... Does anyone know of any funky computer bags that are out there? I'm looking for something unique. (I like the juicy ones, but I'm looking for something a little bit different.) Thanks guys!
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Are you looking for a designer label or? If you are, I really like LV abbesses messenger bags-normally you can find them for about $300 on ebay. Also, I like their damier messenger bag too. If you're looking to save some money I would suggest Wilson's Leather. Sometimes they have really cool designs on their leather. Hope that helps!
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what kind of price are you looking to spend? Coach and LV both have some gorgeous laptop bags that will last forever. The juicy ones are adorable, but I often wonder about the quality of their bags.
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Thanks for the help

I'm super familiar with the vuitton bags, and I may have to go for something more like that. I guess I was looking for something a little more trendy than classic, but no luck finding it. At least I'll be safe going with one of those!
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what about vera bradley? there are some cute patterns on verabradley.com - Vera Bradley - Home
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