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that's a really good deal dude. 40 bucks for any current diesels is sick. which nordstrom rack did you go to?
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Its a current diesel? I got it in DC
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^29 or 30 available? that's a steal!
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well not current, but they didn't come out too long ago. did they have any in 30x30? haha i would be willing to pay a handsome finder's fee for them if you could get them for me =]
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haha beat me to it ryanduke
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I'll go check it out and find sizes. What sizes do yall need? What waist and length?
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damn. that's a good deal man. please go back and report on what else they have. 40 bucks for 72D? what else do they have!?

my size and wish list are in my sig, but I'll get into some other cuts for 40 bucks

I wish they had one around here.
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I think it was a mistake on the tag, I found it really hard to believe that the jeans dropped from 210 to 40 bucks. I'll go out and check the prices. PM me all of the sizes u need. (It's more organized that way) I'll be heading out to the Rack tomorrow
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if you could get me a size 30x30, you would really make my day haha. any other zathan's in that size would be also extremely welcome. let me know if you can? thanks!
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what's your aim so i can talk to you on there? haha i used aim a lot. if you don't want to announce it. you can send it to lightforce2@gmail.com thanks man
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How come I cant PM u?
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i'm only an hf lite member haha but i've gone through a lot of transactions with different people
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ight guys, Im gonna head out tomorrow and look for all of the sizes in the zathan 72d.
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wow, I haven't visited a nordstrom rack in a long time but is that typical of their pricing???
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Not really, Its usually 99 bucks, but this pair I got was obviously dismarked. but I was extremely shocked, but Im gonna go check out the other sizes and prices. You work at Diesel right?
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Shit if I could find them for that price I'd just as soon flip them here. $40 is astonishing.
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Im thinking of doing that man, which sizes should I buy, and how much should I flip them for?
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ya man, buy them all and post them on fleabay. I'm always on the hunt for super sweet deals like those. Even at $99, they sell for ~$150 easy on ebay.
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Yeah, I checked it out on Ebay, most of them are going for 160 bucks
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here is the basic rule for current season stuff on ebay.

Most seller get the product for 50% off (most likely a hook up from an employee- or several- of a store, especially the ones who sell with retail tags.) They usually list them for ~25% off and profit ~25% gross on each pair.
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my point is, if you can get them for that (50% off or more) at the rack, ebaying them will be a very profitable endeavor for you if you so choose.
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But is the jean current season?? So youre saying since they retail for 210 bucks a pair, I should sell them for 158 bucks?
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at my store they don't sell them anymore, they are from the last season. But that's okay since most indie stores still stock that wash.

Even past season stuff can fetch 75% of the retail price so long as it's a popular cut/wash.
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also, it never really matters how old something is, if you have the right size someone who has been searching for them will pop up and pay up to retail (or more) for a pair NWT.
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Niceee mannn, Thanks for the information. I appreicate it. Youre saying I should sell them in the mall, or I should wait for the sizes from people?
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