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wierd e-mail from an ebayer..

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so I was checking my mail, and I have like 6 e-mails from this gril asking me if I could sell her an ebay item I have.for $400?....hmmm..
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what?! what is it? jeans??
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I dont know she sent me the link but its broken...how strange right?
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that's crazy! $400, you could buys lots of jeans with that
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Sounds like a phishing scam.
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Its a SCAM, beware! This has been going on for a while. I don't know the details but somehow they walk away $400 richer. My friend got an email from a buyer that wanted to pay 2 times the retail price for an item that could have easily been bought at the store.
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Definitely a phising scam.

Send it to spoof@ebay.com
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what?? how do they get $400 richer?
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wow...yeah though something was smelled fishy.
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Originally Posted by PrimaDonna
what?? how do they get $400 richer?

isnt it where a lot of times they ask if they can send check or money order. But instead of sending the $400 they'd pay you, they send $800 and ask that you take the $400 extra and send it back to them in like your check or do a bank transfer.

So anyways. some ppl do it and later on turns out the check bounced, the money order was fake etc. Its quite sad. I knew a person who was approached by a college girl who said "The bookstore wont take checks! Can i give u my check and you can deposit it and you give me cash or buy my books with your card?" Guy agrees after hypnotized by the leggy brunette. Check bounces the next day or something. Hes out a couple hundred.
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ohhh, i remember hearing about that now.
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