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Fake shoes

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What brand of shoes are faked and should avoid buying on eBay?
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I know Louboutins, Coach, Uggs, Nike, Adidas, and Manolos are faked for sure.

I would not be surprised if LV, Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, anything by Micheal Kors, Valentino, Versace, Ferragamo, or Dior are faked too.
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About a year ago, Chanel Cambon ballet shoes were highly faked. LV is faked for sure!
Liz, are you sure Michael Kors is faked, and if so, how do you tell authentic from fake?
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I don't know for sure if they are faked or not, but I just assume almost everything is faked these days *Yuck*

I didn't even know they faked FCUK jeans!
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Marc Jacobs shoes are faked also.
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I can't believe that all these shoes are faked including Louboutins, Michael Kors! Seriously, what do these people get from faking shoes!??

Oh my, who in the world would fake FCUK jeans??
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Originally Posted by lauriebell View Post
Marc Jacobs shoes are faked also.
ditto but mostly the mouse flats
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yes, I have seen the Louboutin Bruges and espadrilles faked on ebay...so sad
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