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Safado 72T pics

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just got these at the Amsterdam flagship. haven't seen them mentioned before - maybe a Dutch speciality...?

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Those are awesome and look as thought they fit you really well. Are they a sort of velvet finish?
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thanks, yes, velvet sort of finish. I really love them.
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Sick safado, looking good mate.
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These look so comfy
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looks almost like a tightly knit courdoroy....i like that they're black...very cool!
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these are sweet, I love Safados
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they are very comfortable and soft. and they are like corduroy in that they have no stretch at all. but if you find them, beware - these are 33 and fit fine, but I am normally 31/32.
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Yeh - tried these in Glasgow. Size up 1 at least. Normal size will not fit.
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yeah I posted these in the fw07 available cuts and washes sticky, theres brown and one other color available as well. look awesome.
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theres also this same type of velvety brushed cotton wash available in zathan (2-3 colors) and viker (2-3 colors). will post pics in a second.
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These are available in US.
They're just now starting to show up-

The Dark blue (which our friend poster), brown, and a light blue are available in Safado.
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fashion pant inseam?
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texture pic:
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Look nice!
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in seam on my safado is 33.5". actually i need advice from you guys - should i hem or not? I'd hate to lose them for a few days, but I probably am going to have to:
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oh shit i think I tried these cords on in Zathan and Viker today! $160! I almost bought them except that I hate having to get shit hemmed!
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Go put your hand through a wall, d00d. We aren't cool enough with each other for you to be spouting that!
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I like that my response is before your post now. Good job d00d.
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Nice triple post dOOd. btw. whats going on? i mean, are you talking to yourself there or something?
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sorry, that was a bit rude of me wasn’t it (deleting my posts to try make you look like a triple posting doofus that argues with himself) my apologies
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shot in the dark here, but remember about a year ago these were everywhere you looked on ebay? well i wasn;t into safado then, and missed out.


I really want a pair (black/grey and in tan), and wondering if anyone knows who the seller was. they seemed to have a bunch of these in tan, and they were not really selling, wondering if i could find them via direct contact.

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dead thread....

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