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does corduroy stretch?

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just got a pair of grey zathan cords today (old style with whiskering) and they are hella tight. i can't tell if they will give much if at all. has anyone ever successfully stretched a pair of cords?
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In my experience with them, they dont stretch much at all! I have never tried to successfully stretch them though, so I am not sure if that is possible, but I have had mine for at least 2 years and they havent stretched much at all!
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darn. i guess i need a 29 or 30 in these. if someone has em please let me know (old school grey zathan cord with whiskering)
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my xrotuck cords budged even less than my farco 70L and shazor 8AB
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I have a tight pair of Zathan cords and they haven't stretched at all. They's be stayin' put.
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Okay...this is VERY weird...I bought a pair of X Ro cords in a 30x32...usually I wear a 32 in Diesel cords and a 30w in jeans; however, the previous owner managed to stretch the waist to make the 30w cords into a 30w Diesel. The thighs are tight though and haven't budged...really weird and they fit me amazing, but I have no clue how he managed to stretch the waist that much on corduroy?
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Maybe cuz xro cords sits lower then Zathan cords
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thats my guess.... none my cords have ever budged....
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When the member (I think Vagabond) sold them to me he was damn confused as well...hence the reason he sold them because the other 30s he had I think were the actual "cord" size...
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My experience with Diesel cords has been weird...

I had the Zathan 40C Grey cords, 31x33 I can't remember who I sold them to on here, and they stretched about an entire waist size it seemed.

So I tried the Zathan 40C black/brown cords in a 30x32ish... I was able to get about 1/2 inch out of the legs wet stretching... but nothing in the waist. These things are so tough too it's insane.

The grey ones STRETCHED. Went from A tight 31 (perfect for me) to a very loose 31, almost 32.

Then I got some Zathan 31Ts from last season and they seemed to maybe have some give but I never found out, they got jacked in the laundromat.

Sounds like those old school ones with the streaks are similar to the black ones though. I had the Ravix in the same wash (can't remmeber wash) a long time ago, the slightly greenish grey ones. Those barely stretched at all...

Good luck man.
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yea i guess it also depends on stretch content. regardless though the 28's i got def seem to fit like a 27.
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