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Juicy Fashion legit site?

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I was googling Juicy bags when I bumped into this site. Can anyone tell if they sell authentic Juicy bags?

Juicy Couture Daydreamer Bag State of Mind- Wholesale Factory Direct Prices
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"Techtraders"~ the name of that web site. Is on the list for FAKE internet sellers. I would not buy from them.
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Actually, Callire just became Mod of this section, and she is working hard to update everything. There is a list of several more internet sites and ebayers that sell FAKE Juicy Couture. I'm sure as soon as she gets a chance she will update that.

Techtraders is on the fake list, it just hasn't been updated on this site yet. Sorry if I confused you w/ my prev. post.
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^ Aw, thanks!

Anyway, I just added them to the blacklist. Like Jen said, we're working on improving the stickies and re-compiling the fake/real Juicy sellers lists.
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