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I'll care when they announce the replacement of itunes with something even a little bit more user-friendly, seriously that is a terrible shonky piece of interface. And don't even get me started on their terrible low quality encoding.
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Originally Posted by avatar View Post
Nice avatar.

This is not the credited response.

Apple has never announced new iPod generations and not come out with them the same day. They day they announced the discontinuation of the mini and the nano - nano was in stores. Video? Same deal. They don't want a day where people stop buying iPods because of an official Apple announcement.
i was just going by what i kept reading on the internets. either way it's going to take some more convincing for me to give any of my money to Apple.
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So you guys think that there really could be new iPods on the shelves of apple stores tomorrow?
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if they do...imma buy one.
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me too. im calling the store in the morning to check. will holla back with my findings.
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8 hours, 46 minutes until Apple's 'The Beat Goes On' Media Event begins.
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yaaay! excited.
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live broadcast of it, starting in 90 minutes form now, 10am pacific:

We will be Live Blogging tomorrow’s Special Event! Bookmark Now!
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30 minutes until Apple's 'The Beat Goes On' Media Event begins.
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I expected it to be announced when I woke up...daaaaaaamn.
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you woke up too early
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new version of iTunes ships tonight that supports ringtones!
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I don't have an iPhone so it doesn't matter to me. Plus, I make my own anyway:P
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whole line is being replaced!

VIDEO Nano! (thinner too, with 3 games included)
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Whatever, as long as mine still plays music, I'm good.
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-Jobs is on stage
-Today we get to talk about music. Let's start with iTunes
-iTunes is pretty amazing, we have distributed over 600 million copies of iTunes
-#1 in 21 countries
-6 million songs in every single store
-Sold 95 million TV shows to date, over 125,000 podcasts
-36% of all 2006 music releases not released on CD
-Shipping a new version of iTunes tonight to support some of the new stuff we're releasing
-People want to make their own, custom ringtone maker built into iTunes
-Custom ringtones including songs you already purchased, over 500,000 participating songs
-Once you make ringtones, sync them right to your iPhone
-Ringtones only 99 cents in addition to song price (so $1.98 total)
-Little bells next to eligible songs in iTunes
-Steve is demoing the ringtones now with Aretha Franklin's "Respect"

-refresh iPod shuffle with new colors
-Refresh or replace all products in the iPod lineup
-adding (PRODUCT) RED shuffle, 1GB of storage for $79

OH YES.... here we go!
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someone wanna call the Apple store to see if they have these treasures on the shelves?
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Fat nano / video nano is confirmed.
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^^^probably later today...I will check later.

The nano got fatter indeed...eh I'll stick to my current nano.
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-4GB comes in silver at $149 and 8GB in all colors for $199
-Lets talk about the storage. Offering new nano in 2 versions: 4GB version and 8GB version

-New nano ships today, in stores by this weekend
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160gb ipod! thinner with full metal body!
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I just got a hard on.
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-80GB now sells for $249 and 160 for $349
-160GB iPod classic has 40 hours of audio and 7 hours of video playback
-New iPod classic starts at 80GB, higher-end at 160GB

Graaar I have to leave soon, talk about the gd iPod TOUCH now!
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wonder if they are shipping from east or west coast, both?
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