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Hayden Harnett

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Have HH bags been faked? I hope not! I just got one on Ebay....
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Not sure, but I just bought the lorca recently from the HH sale and I love it. The leather is so soft and smooshy. Which bag did you get?
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The Nico XX in black. It retails over $400 and I got it for $150. It seems to be real, also because it was the only one there and the seller has great feedback. I think I'll love it
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I don't think they're faked yet. THey just had a big sale....70-80% discount on certain bags. You gonna start seeing a lot more HH bags on Ebay
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I got mine and it's definitely real and gorgeous! I got a super deal, too - $150 for the Nico XX, which I will use as a diaper bag, but a stylish one
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