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real or fakes?

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Never have I bought a pair of these jeans but am interested in trying them out since they sound so wonderful. i have no clue the difference in authentic or not. these look like they may be fake so can you please advise. i don't even know what size i'd wear being i don't know how they run. Seven virgin, please help!!!
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In my opinion those look real

Maybe you can post what size you wear in whichever brand of jeans you wear now... someone should be able to advise you on sizing w/Sevens afterward.
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Seven sizing

I am definitely a short in any pair of jeans/pants I wear. I have a pair of 6's in Express and Banana Republic. They are a little snug in some places, hips and thighs, but they do fit. I have a 1 yr old and haven't been able to lose over 10 lbs but hope to so I should not be getting any bigger, hopefully smaller. I do not like tight jeans though. my waist is probably around 29. I would say 6 or 8 would be good but i also have some 4's that I can fit into also though. I wonder if it's crazy for me to even try and buy something on line with the various sizes I'm fitting into!!! I'd just like an idea though of comparison in sizes with Sevens. Any suggestions on a particular style for me being kind of hippy and short?
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my sister is in great shape, but also quite hippy with heavy thighs, she usually wears a size 6 i think..the larger side of 6 though..
Anyways, I finally got her into some sevens last week. The only pair that have worked really well so far have been just the standard flares, but they look really good. The darker washes do look better on her tho... She's a size 29 if that's any help, but you really would be best to actually go to a store that carries them and try them on yourself. I also got her into some citizen fayes that look great on her. Size 29 in those as well. Good luck.
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I am thinking 29 as well. Lucky you because almost all of the real Sevens ad COH I have seen on eBay lately have been hemmed, GRRR. I am tall and need the really long lengths!!! The dojos would probably be cute on you, and you may want to try COH Faye or Kate as well.
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I know what you mean! I'm a 29 too and all the good deals I've seen on ebay lately have had really short inseams!
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Doesn't that make you mad? All the real jeans it seems have shortened inseams. I need them as long as I can get them.
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next on my gotta have list

okay i want sugar plum crystal in 28 29 30..i know hard to find

but i am excited i got my green crystal dojos although they might not fit
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sorry wrong post
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lol, i need them as SHORT as they can get! a 30" inseam for me still drags on the floor.
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