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Seven for kids

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Does anybody else buy them for there kids?My daughter had three pairs of seven and one tr. I bought them all for really cheap except one.Am I the only one
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I wanted to buy my niece a pair a few onths ago, but my sisiter wouldn't let me. She said they were too much. She's only 2.
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BeachyTeachy posted a picture of her daughter in some SFAM, I do believe!!!!
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i am looking for some for my little guy. i cant spend too much or hubby will have a fit.... he may have a fit anyway....
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Ttramell...I too have stuck my kids in designer threads...My daughter has 4 TR's but I do have a pair of pink SFAM a pockets for her that I paid a pretty penny for and I just started putting my 12 year old son in SFAM and TR...He is a little rougher on the wear than my 6 year old daughter so he is mostly SFAM since they are a little cheaper.....My son could care less if he was wearing the designer denim, but I think it makes him look GReat!!! ...hehehe.
.The little ones just look too cute in the premium denim!! I say if you get a good deal even for the little ones...than why not. Your kiddos have to look great too right...
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You are not alone! My son's first pair of PD&C Ripper jeans started off a ridiculous trend for me! He has three pairs of TR's, pair of PD&C Rippers, Earnest Sewn Little Hefners and just recently got him some cool Trunk Ltd tees and a Kingsley tee. I'm sooo bad.
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Originally Posted by fosterzmom
BeachyTeachy posted a picture of her daughter in some SFAM, I do believe!!!!

Yes, my daughter has a pair of NYD a pockets and a pair of True Religion Joeys. I can't wait for her to wear them to Kindergarten! My 10 year old son has some Joeys as well. He can totally rock them but I think he's outgrowing them! If anyone has a pair of size 12 they want to unload let me know!!!!
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When my daughter can fit into them, she will be wearing them! I'm more excited when she is older and we can wear the same size! More jeans for us!
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what do you think of:




and there is such a thing as fake kids' sevens which is disappointing
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^^Well i know they have made both of those, and I don't think kids are faked yet,(a matter of time) So i'm guessing those are both real
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