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my new handbag additions! :)

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just thought i'd share my new additions i'm a big mj fan and that's probably about 90% of my bag collection.

marc jacobs black blake with silver hardware

marc by marc jacobs viva la val in chalk-- i had been stalking this bag for months and i originally wanted it in chocolate chip but i couldnt find it anywhere.

marc by marc jacobs nylon tote; i'll probably use it for the beach or school. it came with this funky clear dustbag. heh.

and i finally decided to try something new other than mj so i got this bulga gold butterfly satchel!
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Gorgeous bags, the bulga is beautiful.
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Very Nice... I love bags too
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omg i loveeeeeeeeee that viva la val bag! been loving it since it came out *drool*

oh and regarding the funky clear dustbags, a lot of the nonleather mbymj bags come with that dustbag. it feels so cheap!
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very beautiful!
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ZOMG, I love the Viva La Val in chalk too!

Do you mind disclosing the price?
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aww thanks everyone!

viv--i love the bulga as well! im so used to my heavy mj bags that i was so surprised by how light the bulga was. its amazing!

jen--i know right? the viva la val is definitely one of the best and most beautiful of all marc by marcs imo.

2venus--sure, do you mean how much i paid or how much retail is? retail= $458.
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You have an awesome bag collection. I'm starting to have a gucci bag obsession. Since I got my first one I'm officially hooked!!
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