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slingback help!

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so i just purchased the hottest pair of slingback/stilletoes i've ever layed eyes on! only one issue... it was at the rack and the last pair they had was a 6.5 which is a half size bigger than i usually wear. it's slightly loose, but i figure if i just pad them (like another pair i have witht he same issue) it'd be just fine. one pad didn't dot he trick... so now i've got two in there! the heel itself fits fine with or without it, it's just the slingback part that's still pretty loose. it keeps sliding off as i walk. anyone know how i can fix this? i really want to wear them clubbing tomorrow night!

here's a pic just in case anyone needs a visual
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I saw those!

I think they also had a bunch at another place but cannot seem to remember....maybe it was DSW??
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you should take the shoe to a cobbler and have them shorten the straps? or you should buy those foot petal straps and put those on so it will make it a bit more snug.
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Dr Scholl has a slingback pad, a sticky gel pad which adheres to the sling and then prevents it from slipping as well as chafing. You can find it among the other 'party feet' products.

Edit: a good cobbler (??? is that what it's called) shoe repairer can shorten the sling for you. I've had that done on slingbacks and it wasn't expensive at all and looks great.
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