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Real or Fake Juicy seller?

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The only thing I could suggest (if it is clothing) is pictures of the actual item you will receive, along w/ pics of hang tags, inside tags, zipper (back side & bottom).

I have never bought from this seller before. Maybe someone will come along that has and really be able to help.
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Okay.. UPDATE on this seller.

Their stuff is fake, but a really good fake. I wrote a whole long explaination of why this seller is fake but HF logged me out and lost my info. So I'm a little peeved. Don't buy from this seller.

eBay Search: Find a member
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I had a problem w/ staying logged in also, members suggested that I click the "remember me" me when logging in. I was actually watching a few of this sellers items...THANK YOU for the warning!

If you have time again, I would love to hear/know the reasons. Thank you
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I actually told the seller to come here and have her stuff authenticated for proof that her Juicy was fake. She told me she bought from an authorzed Juicy Couture wholesaler. Yeah! But Juicy doesn't wholesale and that's just something that China says so you'll believe them!

I was so excited to get the pants for my matching hoodie I overlooked a very important detail of the pants. For a second I passes them off as real. Until I saw the size tag.. the stitching was the same color as my pants but it was stitched vertically all the way across both sides. It's supposed to be stitched in each of the top corners. Then everything started looking fake. The store tags were very shiney and too gold. On the store tag the crown was wrong. The thinner Retail tag was the wrong shade of tan. Oh yeah, and the cargo pockets were smaller in size compared to my other juicy.

I don't think the seller intentionally sold fakes. She put all her trust in the wholesaler who said they were real. The sad part is.. I think I'm the first one to tell her her stuff is fake. Everyone else that's bought from this seller says it's authentic or doesn't know the difference!!!!!!
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Thank you for taking the time to write all that!

You would think before someone invested a lot of money on bulk orders of any kind they would try to get it or the site authenticated.

Does she now except that her Juicy items are fake? I see she still has them listed.

Another thing I noticed about people other than they don't know...is that they DON'T care. So many times I see positive FB w/ buyers saying, well I think it's fake, but hell for that price it's great!! The best one was, "the suit was fake, seller offered refund, but I already resold it!" WTF!

I hope everything worked out for you and you were able to get a full refund! Did you report her to eBay?
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I agree that sellers either don't know or don't care. But this seller has higher prices and sells her items individually. So I though, what the heck. I think a lot of the people on ebay are very uneducated about what's what on ebay. That's why I was so lucky as to stumble across this site. It has taught me a lot. And now I'd consider myself a good authenticator of Juicy and other designers.

I don't want to burn my bridge with this seller till she gives me my refund. I will report her if she keeps listing them as Authentic though. I wrote her and explained how they were fake and haven't gotten a response yet.

One more thing.. there is a website called Bumdek.com that wholesales fake designer crap too. I wrote the wholesaler telling them I was interested in their Juicy and wanted to make sure it was real before selling. Now I know it's fake... and from China.. But they responded to me telling me their stuff was real and not to worry about authenticity. I almost wrote them back to say they were full of sh*t. But instead I reported them to Shopbop, Nordstroms, and Neimans for stealing the store pictures!!!
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It makes it so much harder to tell authenticity of items when these sites steal photos. I owe gratitude to this forum for hundreds of dollars in savings! I would have never known the things I was going to buy were fake. Not just from eBay but, other sites as well. I was very naive & I still am actually. I knew nothing about the counterfeit market. When I thought of something "fake" I thought that meant things that were replicas or designer inspired, but not actual FAKES!

The only thing that saved me from wearing head to toe fakes is poverty!~lol! And of course leesamarie, and my first pair of TR's. This site is an incredible asset.

I think It is still illegal to sell, buy, trade, anything that has a name tag on it that it isn't. I'm sure someone w/ more knowledge in that area could say this better. Even if the seller doesn't say it authentic, or if they say they don't know. Like if the item says "Juicy Couture" & it is not, it doesn't matter how you list it, it is still illegal. Things can be designer inspired but cannot carry the designers name or logo. And I THINK that you can turn that person into their local Federal dept.

Do you have to pay for S&H both ways to get a refund? I would tell her you will send it w/ DC to her local Federal Dept. & if she feels her item is authentic then she can go pick it up there. But, tell her before she does that this crime is punishable by fines & imprisonment....so be damn sure! LOL.

Anyway, sorry that you're having to deal w/ this crap & good luck w/ whatever you choose to do.
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Thanks for all your input Jennifer!!! =)

I mailed back the pants today and yes had to pay for the shipping from and back to the seller. I will write her and ask if she can credit me back the shipping since she sold me a fake in the first place.

She has yet to respond to my email. The best part is she said she would forward my info about why the pants are fake to her wholesalers "INVESTIGATION DEPT" HAHAHA, what a joke!!!
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Spotting Juicy fakes is hard! Some of it is really really good. It's really sad when people spend money on fakes and think they're real What annoys me even more is when people think they're "clever" by buying cheap fakes. Seriously!
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So I reported the seller V.V. Fashions to Ebay. Ebay tells me they are looking into it. Everyone else that buys from this seller loves their stuff!! How the heck do I prove she's selling fakes??? Also, she's making a killing by selling her Juicy at 60-80 dollars each!!! This is soooo illegal! I wish I could intervene with the other people who bought from her and tell them what they bought is fake!
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You could go to eBay discussion forums in the clothing section and post the auction# you won. Explain how you could tell your item was fake and how others can tell by looking at her store photos. Make it clear you have informed this seller they are fakes and that you reported her.

Make the thread title something under the lines of "Help, what do I do now?". Or "help me stop this fake seller". You could get a huge response from people reporting everyone of her items everyday. Eventually it will come down on her. Not to mention you will be helping to get the word out to any other unsuspecting buyers.....OH... Since you won the auction...PUT THE SELLERS NAME IN YOUR TITLE! This may encourage other buyers to confer w/ you, also.

Plus, I know there are lists that have been created to warn others of fake sellers. Usually located in the "how to spot a fake Juicy"...thread/guide. Word will get out!

I hope that helps, but your doing all you could be expected to do. I just wish you didn't have to go through this at all, it sucks!
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..oh, I should say you don't have to say you reported her, if your worried about repercussions from the seller, but you could let your neg. FB against her be known...if you want.
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So get this

I started a discussion on ebay about the seller, along with some other sellers trying to pass off fake stuff as real.

Ebay deleted it.

Guess I went about that the wrong way
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Originally Posted by Jennifer315 View Post
Thank you for taking the time to write all that!

You would think before someone invested a lot of money on bulk orders of any kind they would try to get it or the site authenticated.
Its much easier to make money selling fake Juicy on ebay than authentic. Sellers don't care b/c they can get wholesale sets for $20 apice and sell them for $100. Much of the time the auth. pieces haven't been produced in years, but are still in high demand so the fakers keep churning them out. To answer your other q, it IS illegal to sell counterfeit merchandise, but not to buy it. If a store selling fakes was busted by the cops, they could arrest the owners, but not the people buying the fakes. (maybe because people are often unaware they are buying fakes.) I've never heard of law enforcement going after someone selling fakes on ebay. The worst that usually happens is VERO intervenes and their account gets shut down.
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I couldn't agree with you more...

I think my boyfriend said it perfectly "What does ebay care if people sell fakes? Ebay still makes money either way!"
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Well... eBay Security Center: Law Enforcement Case Study and in the last year 4 major sellers for counterfeit... fines & jail time. There's more about this in the eBay forums. One of these recently convicted eBay sellers was actually a paid authenticator...hummm.

When I said..as quoted, you would think a seller would check authenticity before selling, I was referring to sellers that wouldn't intentionally defraud.

Anyway, I'm not trying to change the world w/ a post. To each is own w/ their thoughts. Ebay does get involved...but not nearly enough.

Just so it's said...it IS against the law to knowingly infringe/BUY/trade on trademark and copyright laws.
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Thanks for the link... =)

In the story about schilling the bids. That wasn't the Dweckle HF member that got kicked out of the forum was it? I thought he got in trouble for upping bids too.
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I really wish more people cared like you guys. A few years ago I would send messages to people bidding on fakes and warn them, more specifically the sellers selling "sevens" as 7FAM. It's amazing how many people don't know there's a difference. I've goten alot of thank you's and I wish we could all do this, do something, but apprently it's against ebay's policy to warn a buyer bidding on fakes.
I WISH there was another site with auctions - since yahoo is gone now- because ebay just doesn't care about how corrupt things are, just making money. If they cared, they would devote a whole page or forum to expose fakes.
Honest forum should start it's own auction page, screw ebay!
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I wondered that myself....
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I guess "ignorance is bliss."
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So the Seller V.V. Fashions has given me a refund... but she thinks she is sneaky, she's trying to get me to do a mutual agreement. So she not only get's her ebay fees back but acts like this whole thing was my fault. She also told me to waive the feedback (she knows I'll leave her a negative) what to do??? She's still selling fakes,more people need to report her.
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She does have a very good FB record and I'm sure she doesn't want a big fat "this shit is fake" neg! But, if you don't tell the truth about your transaction then it screws up what FB is all about. Plus, no one else would know...not like it's your job to inform everyone...but, you know what I mean.

I have just asked her, for the second time, for photos of actual item to be received and photos of tag(s). If she will send me photos I will post them up on eBay forums to check for authentication and if they also think they are fake then they will help report too.

This is 80 characters or less:
"I am an HF member-Juicy rec is fake! Proved 2 seller-still sells fakes~Got $ bk"
or something like that, it tells the truth....

If you wanted to go a step further you could contact her local Federal offices and report her. This would be easier to do if you have pics of item, or the actual item.

You could actually start a thread w/ the sellers name "VV or V.V.fashions" sold me a fake", it will come up any time someone Googles them, like the one from AF. In that thread put a link to this one.

Has she left you FB yet? I'm sure she will try to save herself by leaving a neg! It just sucks that you are dealing w/ this at all and she's still selling while other authentic sellers are getting their stuff pulled left and right!

Good luck!
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Ohh I like that little feedback advice =) I'll def use that! She opened a dispute with ebay to get her listing fees back. "Ebay unpaid item dispute" which can also mean I returned an item back to her. I have no choice but to mutually agree with her!! She's going to get caught selling fakes sooner or later.
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Guys- I'm adding a list of authentic/fake sellers to the sticky, if you've gotten any more fake/real usernames please PM me (I can't edit the original post at this point in time).

Thanks! Keep up the good work and PM me if you have any usernames to add! V.V Fashions is going at the top of the list.
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