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ebay dilema

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So, as some of you may already know...I was duped by an ebay seller with the old "bait and switch" for a pair of NYD Dojos. So now I see that the seller has recieved positive feedback form another buyer for another pair of NYD Dojos which I can only assume are also fakes.....so what to do? Should I contact the other buyer and maybe discretely point them to the forum or keep my nose out of it? Obviously I am still pissed off at the seller....really wanted those Dojos!!!
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Uh yeah...when I was scammed on eBay, I contacted another buyer and they seemed to not know that they had fakes...or not even care, and I even got a buyer who responded to me by saying, "what did you expect since you didn't pay retail for them?"

I understand your pain, especially since you did your homework! I would so leave that jerk with negative feedback...
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Keep your nose out of it...who knows if the buyer will say something to the seller, and then the seller does something in retaliation to you. I know you're pissed, as I would be too, but you just never know with ppl these days. There are some crazies out there!
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I think I would tell the person that you got a pair of fake jeans from the seller, and saw they also got a similar pair from them, and ask them if they could take pictures of the jeans they received.
If the other buyer got the same size as you, maybe the seller sent her the authentic pair in the pictures.
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fakes on ebay can be a complicated matter, especially considering the seller has your contact info. I say the best thing you can do is just leave negative feedback mentioning that the seller sold you fake Sevens. That way any possible buyers and and those who have already bought will be able to see. It is good that you want to help out others but I have found that a lot of people just don't care or don't want to admit that what they got is fake.
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