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What size speedy???

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Every time I see someone carrying a speedy, I want one. So I think I might get one... but which size should I get? I feel like most people have the same size. What size do most people have? Thanks!!! Also, if anyone has seen a good deal or BIN for one, let me know!!!
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30cm in canvas or 25 in Epi leather. I think the 25 speedy in canvas looks funny (too short) unless it is multicolor. The 30cm Epi speedy is pretty big and unless you are at least 5'5 I think it will look bulky.

I usually post up any speedy deals I see in the Ebay deals thread I started since I know so many people are always looking for one.
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i have the speedy monogram in 25. its perfect size for me since I'm a petite Asian. the 30 looks way too big on me.
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I love my Damier speedy but wish I got it in the 30. I like to carry a lot even though I'm only 5'4, and I love long wallets (which is hard to pull out in the 25).
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i'd get the 30
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I say 30 too.
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