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wait so, are there any new similar washes without the ink spots? the more i look at these i really like them but the ink spots are grating on me.
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I tried a pair of zathiny 72L on that had no ink spots. I dont think 72L is that great.
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I love this wash / cut combo more and more...the more I see it...
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cool wash
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Hello guys, I need opinion from some owners of zatiny 72L. I want to order pair from jjdenim, but they don't have my size (32x32, which fits me great). Regarding all your comments, to size down, I can also wear 31x32 in this wash, but this size is also not available...
I don't want to hem due to special wash of this jeans and I don't want to shipp it back to US when I ordered wrong size (I'm from Europe).

From jjdenim I already ordered Zatiny 8LD 32x32 with following measurements
16 3/4" (42.545cm) x 32.1/2" (82.550cm)

Which option I would take from available pairs:
1) 29x32; measurements on web 16" (40cm) x 33" (83cm) - not sure, if this will be thight

2) 32x30; short inseam 30" (75cm)

3) 32x34; long inseam 34.5" (86cm)

4) 33x32; there is no picture and measurement for this available item.

Please give me some opinions which option is best for me (if is any...). Thx!
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i'm not sure about sizing, you might want to make a search for specific sizing info in regards to this pair if there is any additional info, or if there is any in this thread.

besides that, i would not get so desperate and force yourself to buy a size that is simply not for you. i would much prefer to wait it out, for ebay, the mall here or various other sites to get it before taking the plunge and ordering a pair which doesnt fit you properly.

on another note, i know jjdenim can at times request other sizes from the diesel warehouse, they did for me at one time for a zathan 71j, so you might as well ask them if they can.
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MEN'S DIESEL ZATINY 72L 32X32 JEANS ZATHAN VIKER ZAF 32 en vente sur eBay.fr (fin le 04-Nov-08 01:42:50 Paris)

Here it's your size
I already bought 2 times to that seller, and it's good...

Some recommend here to size down...i think if I sized down mine it would be really tight...I like a jean that fit well to my body but if it's too tight you do not enjoy wearing it...
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^thx guys, I sent email to jjdenim regarding availability 32x32 size. If they will not have my size, I think I buy jeans from italiandenim (if he will be able to send me pictures of exact jeans - due to wash variations.
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Here is the pair of 72L I purchased from italiandenim, pretty satisfied

I purchased a first one from jjdenim but I was a bit shy (was just starting my collection...) and I picked one with almost no ink marks, afraid that it would be too tacky with more ink and stuff.

But seeing others pairs here, I liked more and more this wash and tried to get one with more ink. I tried with italiandenim and i'm satisfied.

But the blue of the ebay pair is lighter than the one I purchased from jjdenim.

I still have both pairs and don't know which one to sell...each pair has their positive and negative points...
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^looks great Saddock! I like the pair from italiandenim's "sample picture" (lighter parts above knees and ink at the leg opening...). I have to buy some zatiny in 72l
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JCD, it's good to see you posting again (I know it's a bit late for this comment, but I've been on a hiatus so whatever). I remember when I first started here that your pics were always awesome. I have yet to figure out how you afford all those jeans or why you haven't posted a collection pic yet. Anyways, it's good to have you back!
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Hi what sz should I get?
(I wear 15.5 - 16 inch waist, should I get sz 29 does 72L wash stretch?)
btw is italiandenim on ebay legit?
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Sorry, 5 years later now,I like zatiny in pics, I have to buy online,do zatiny have a looser knee than zathan/


Thanks in advance!

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why do u ask the same question in 5 threads. makes no sense...

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Originally Posted by booyaolian View Post

Hi what sz should I get?
(I wear 15.5 - 16 inch waist, should I get sz 29 does 72L wash stretch?)
btw is italiandenim on ebay legit?

yes he is

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