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this bag just pisses me off!

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Bulga Clear Vinyl Tote - shopbop.com

Bulga for $410 ^. haha. Its funny how it doesnt seem as bad when chanel was making clear bags...but somehow when i see it on Bulga, i think "WTF!?"
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I actually saw someone in the mall with the Chanel Clear Bag, and it was authentic. I guess money just grows on trees for her!
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I can't stop laughing at that. I would pay $2 for that. Puh-leeze.


Is a freeking bag....it's got turquoise in lining by the way and multiple pockets inside......yeah um....REAL bag
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i wonder if anyone would buy that Bulga bag even if it goes down 70%.... which is still damn $123. I'll pass!
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Not once they realize they can get it at Big K for 5 dollars...heehee
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I wouldn't want to have tampons or pantyliners in that bulga bag. I'll pass on a clear bag, thank you!
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I think all clear bags should not exceed $5. I don't care what designer it is, they should just be free or paying others to carry them. Sooooo ugly!
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