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I found a cool blog post about software

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I just wanted to let everyone know NOT to use the free Gixen Auto Sniper. I wanted to snipe something the other day, so I typed in my information and 2 hours later someone got into my account, changed my password to ebay and my email address. They listed 10 things before Ebay must have thought something was wrong and shut them down. Then they even got into my paypal account and charged $182 to GoDaddy.com. It took me 2 days total to get everything straightened out.

Thank God I was on the computer that night and noticed something was wrong or they could have had a field day with my Paypal account. SO, anyway, I just wanted to warn you because I know alot of you use those auto snipers.
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OMG! I'm so sorry to hear that. Thank you for the warning and I'm glad you were able to get everything straightened out.
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wow! thanks for the warning! i've been using gixen for almost a year now with no problems. it's too bad because i don't know any other completely free snipers to switch to (i've already burned out all my free points with five other popular snipers).
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Yikes! I've been using Gixen for the last few months (haven't had any problems yet.) I guess I'll be going back to Justsnipe.com (5 free snipes a week.)

Glad everything was stopped quickly. But how did they get into your PayPal account if they only had your eBay log-in info?
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meh "free" o_O;
that's why I prefer to pay, they have more incentive to keep your account info safe. Not always a guarentee tho.

sorry this had to happen to you and thanks for the warning

ps: more reason to never use the same passwords!
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^ I totally do this; have the same password for everything. And username. (Although Callire is surprisingly unpopular since I made it up and all) I changed everything, so each thing has a different password (email, HF, eBay) but it all has a theme so I can remember them, like "Botanical Plants" or "Famous species of dinosaurs" it really helps improve my spelling too.
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They got into my paypal account because I too use the same password for everything. NOT ANYMORE!!! lol. When I called paypal, they said there was NO WAY someone could have gotten into my account through Ebay. I told them that they already had my email address which is the log in name for paypal and I used the same password for all my accounts. So it would be REALLY easy to get into my account.

Ebay stopped all the auctions because they were listing things that I never sell, plus they were listing them under the pro thing that costs $19.99 for each auction. I never do that. I give a standing applause to ebay for monitoring that so closely. I had to go into live support to get it all straightened out seeing I couldn't get into my account.

Paypal on the other hand was a different story. The first operator didnt even believe me when I told her it wasn't my authorized transaction. I had to literally YELL at her and tell her to give me to a supervisor. Thank God I did, because the transaction was one of those rolling accounts that I would have been charged for each month. I don't think I would have noticed that until I got charged again next month. She spotted it and had me cancel everything out.
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^ Do the theme, I swear I am so bad at passwords and it works wonders
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If you can't have more than one password without getting confused, maybe you shouldn't be using a computer.
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this was exactly why it took me about 4 years before I decided to use snipe. It felt so unsafe to me.
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I just logged onto my GIXEN account earlier and guess what? My account password was changed. Fortunately, I was notified by Ebay and I was able to recover my account. Ebay stated that there has been many complaints about Gixen. Have been using Gixen for over a year, recommended it to friends and family, and now this. I'm kind of bummed but I'll be singing a different tune about Gixen now. Beware Gixen!!
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I pay for my snipe. I think in the two years I've been using it I've paid $5-$10 to use it.

In some cases, paying a little is a lot better then "free".

You get what you pay for.
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I manually snipe
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Use different,secure pw with numeric characters, special characters upper and lower case alpha characters and use this

RoboForm: Password Manager, Form Filler, Password Generator, Fill & Save Forms

you never need remember a pw or url...best pw manager ever.....also comes in portable version for usb sticks..if you buy this,backup the data you put into it and you literally never have to remember a pw or url again
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I am thankful I am my own sniper but I am at fault for using the same password for everything.
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Gixen is no scam!

Gixen absolutely does nothing with your password except placing snipes! I guarantee that with my own name. Plus I live in the country where laws are enforced - I would sure be prosecuted if I did anything criminal.

Yes, eBay has reset some passwords automatically in the past, this does happen, but this is probably due to their system detecting bids from different IPs. This is still quite rare though. I'm sure it happens with other sniping services as well.

There was also absolutely no breach of security at Gixen - and if someone broke in to your eBay account, this was not due to you using Gixen. Better think where else you've been leaving your eBay password. Gixen has tens of thousands of happy customers, and had I been doing in the past what you suggest, I'd be behind bars by now.

Mario Vodopivec (Gixen owner and operator).

P.S. I wonder why people make allegations like these in various forums, instead of asking me directly or posting it in the Gixen forum? Again, I don't censor any posts.
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where the hell did you even find this thread? I love the 1 post wonders around here.
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Too funny. Everyone has a spy.
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SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!! conned into reading another thread from the 70s.
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Originally Posted by notfrostyjosh View Post
SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!! conned into reading another thread from the 70s.
Me too damn it.
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Originally Posted by angeeleeta View Post

Too funny. Everyone has a spy.

Big Brother is watching HF
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AuctionStealer - FREE online auction site sniping software esniper ebay snipe site e snipe auctions ebay auction sniper site bid sniper free auction

The BEST sniper I've ever used. TOTALLY FREE and totally safe. Been using for 3+ years with no problems!
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Originally Posted by notfrostyjosh View Post
SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!! conned into reading another thread from the 70s.
Guilty as well...I really have to start glancing at the dates.
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Another eBay sniping site


Just passing along a new eBay sniping site called SnipeGoods - your eBay sniping assistant!. It's free and no strings attached. Even if you don't snipe you can check out the final hour auction deals happening on eBay for clothing, sporting goods, gadgets, etc. Thanks.
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