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My new Blanc Le Confident

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which I waited for 5 days for it to be transferred from another store and be shipped to me. I got the 4th last in the country, but somehow, i'm not in love.

Please give me your honest opinion. Is it really too bulky and not cute? I love white suhali so much and I thought this bag will be totally amazing, that's why i bought it, even though I already have L'Epanoui in Blanc. Somehow, the big bottom, the bulky structure is not for me

The bag is totally gorgeous though, but what does everyone think? Should i return/exchange for something else? What are your suggestions?
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I love it! BUT, for the amount of money you spent on it, you should be totally happy! So, if you don't completely love it, then return it and get something you do love
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I think its a really cute bag, but if you aren't satisfied, get something else you will totally love.
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it's cute, but it's not WOW. When you get an expensive bag, you should be jumping up & down not debating whether you're happy with it. If you're having 2nd thoughts, maybe it's because the bag is gorgeous but not gorgeous enough for you...
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i wanna carry it a little and be super careful on it see how i like it. But i'm a little scare.. for sure i'll keep it for couple of days to see how it is.. but i'm quite doubtful. With this amount, i guess i can go for 3 different bags.. hard to decide.. i thought this bag would be totally wonderful.. would be the it bag.. i didn't see it when i ordered.. i only saw online.. not really how i imagined it would be
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i think its cute. but i'm always more of a handbag gurl though.
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WOW ! It's a beautiful purse but I do not think I want to spend $2000+ on it. Suhali is not for me, I guess.

But she looks great on you !!!!
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the bag is cute.... but if you're not happy, exchange it for something that you'll love

OR get a refund & get a Versace bag! i've seen there new range in stores & it's to die for!
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Very cliche for me to say, but I really think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you love it and it is worth what you pay, keep it. If you are not happy with your purchase, return it and another bag will come around.
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I personally think it is a very cute purse. but of course, with the money you spent on those, you'd wanna be 110% happy with it..

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i love the shape in general.. but somehow, ehh, so hard to explain, i guess i just wish it were a little less bulky or the butt to be a little smaller ~.~

i'm crazy.. i'm doing some major thinking right now
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OMG, that's a freaking gorgous bag!!! It will go well with so many outfits! I'd keep it for sure if I were you
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