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Help me choose please =D

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I'm getting impatient!!! I've been dying for a LV speedy for so long... but I dont want the classic mono and the damier canvas because everyone has it.. and 99% of them on the street are fake

so now i'm down to these 2.... which one do you like better?

Damier Azur speedy 25

or..... Epi speedy 25 (red)
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my vote is definitely for the epi!
i don't think the damier azur has staying power.

that, and i LOVE the epi. when i graduate, i want to get a black epi briefcase

edit: i don't think i meant staying power... i meant more like it's not as classic?
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Another vote for the Epi, my mom has the black one and she loves it to death.
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YAY =D great minds think alike!!

the Epi is No.1 on my wishlist.. =D but needed some reassurance if I were to spend a down payment for a house on this lovely bag.. aahha

Originally Posted by bergdorfbrunette View Post
that, and i LOVE the epi. when i graduate, i want to get a black epi briefcase
I wish i could be more patient.. getting it after grad is a good idea, you know from the NPV point of view jKjK =P

if i get this.. (WHEN i get it) I don't even think I will be carrying this bag to school =S it'd be pretty flashy... i'd probably just stare at it all day
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Originally Posted by wangz09 View Post
you know from the NPV point of view jKjK =P
linda lakats would be so proud. LOL.
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i guess i'm the odd on out, azur. i don't like the epi, boring, sorry all!
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Epi hands down - it is classic and timeless and will go with much more
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i think the handles on the damier azur will just get dark & dirty (too much hassle)..

the epi is more of a classic, and the red is gorgeous!!
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My vote is Epi, but I always liked more "plain" looking bags and stay away from logos and patterns.

The Epi will also seem bigger than the Damier azur.
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I like the red epi, I am still waiting for my black epi jasmin in the mail....
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Epi, but my vote is bias because I am not a fan of LV Damier. I also like the color of the red.
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Thanks to all your opinions ladies!!! I just won a EPI =D

I am soo excited!!! please authenticate it for me if you got some time TIA~!!!!!!!

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