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Louis Vuitton Ellipse

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Hi all. I'm really sad because I think I've been duped. I met a girl with a supposedly LV MM Ellipse. She had the receipt, dustbag and everything so of course I didn't examine the bag too closely. Upon getting home, I'm having suspicions. There is no D-ring and date code. The receipt was from 8/2006 so it should be fairly new. Does anyone know if I'm maybe not looking in the right place or what? I'm really bummed out. Any other distinguishing marks to look for? I'll try and take some pics too.
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take pics and post it on the purse forum to get faster responses
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good luck! i wouldn't mind checking out your pics, just pm me
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Oh no!!

If you need a letter, I can write you one. But someone else is probably more credible than me. Try:
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My Poupette.com - Designer Authentications
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Will do but I am pretty sure it's a fake. It was thru Craigslist and seriously, we met FACE TO FACE and she claimed it was authentic and produced a copy of a receipt w/ three items on it, looked fine--I've seen LV receipts before. Turns out later my hubby looked closely at the receipt and saw the MATH WAS OFF. I'm not a numbers person so I didn't see that she didn't even calculate the tax correctly. I didn't look closely at the bag because I figured who would fake it w/ the receipt, dustbag and all? And in person? Who has the balls to do that?! It's my fault because I fell for it but I'm not so much furious about the money as about the fact that we met in person! I'll post pics for you guys soon but w/out ANY D-ring or a date code to be found (it was supposedly purchased August 2006), I think I've just been screwed over. Sadly this has shaken my faith in even MEETING people to buy--I'd be better off on Ebay!
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I always insist on meeting at the store brand location so they are scared to pull that kind of stuff.

But what contact or personal information do you have on them at all? I can see what I can do on helping you find them.
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omfg i'm SOOO furious for you! wth?!? what kind of person pulls this crap!?!! geezus scammers are totally stooping to a new low...

arghhh sofia, damn, i want to punch someone because i'm so pissed off for you. first i was speechless, now i'm just angry. omfg!
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I have a phone number that hubby says he can pinpoint as Verizon. Who knows, that could be a fake phone too! I also emailed Craigslist in case they follow up and find the person who set up the ad. Lastly, I have all the emails she sent, although I am sure it's a fake account, the IP address might be able to be traced unless she was smart enough to use a computer somewhere else. Is it even worth it to make a police report since this is like fraud right? She used LV's logo and all on the receipt!

I insisted on meeting at a store last time and that worked out fine but this time she had the actual receipt! I thought, of course they wouldn't pull that sort of crap w/ a receipt right? WRONG! They faked it! Man, just when I thought I'd seen it all.
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File a police report!!! maybe they can work with verizon to get the address of the person
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