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All the Balenciaga I have ever owned (I think)

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I was posting to some clubs on tPF yesterday and realized just how many B-bags I bought since September....

03 Blue City

04 Marron Weekender

04 Dark Turquoise

04 Camel Aviator Flight Helmet Bag

05 Rouge Theatre City

05 Rouge Theatre Twiggy

05 Apple Day

05 Chocolate First

05 Chocolate Twiggy

05 Chocolate Day

05 Ice Blue Twiggy

05 Ice Blue First

05 Navy Compagnon

06 Cornflower Blue Shrug

06 Ink Shrug

06 Ink City

06 Truffle City

06 White Day

06 Rouge Vif First

06 Emerald Courier

06 Black Courier

06 Cornflower Blue Twiggy

06 Cornflower Blue Planet

07 Vermillion Weekender

07 French Blue Matelasse

I know that there are at least 12 more that are not pictures, I forget,,,,like I only remembered yesterday I got a Truffe Money wallet in Spring :silly:.
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wow! that's a lotta bags! i especially love your rouge threatres and of course the chocolate twiggy
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Whoa! Let me just regain consciousness really quick! Holy cow Liz, you have a wonderful Balenciaga collection. They're all so beautiful. I was never a fan of Balenciaga, but now the more I see them, the more I want one.
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Wow Liz! I am speechless and jealous. Have you kept all these or have you sold some? I can't imagine having enough room in a closet to hold these all!
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wow my lord liz!!!!!! very envy of u. GORGEOUS collection of balenciaga. i wish i could go into your closet and steal my favorite one. lol.
just out of curiousity, how did u got into balenciaga at first? someone told u about them, u saw one and its love at first sight, etc? this is your main handbag brand right?
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Those are some gorgeous bags!! I have never really felt anything for the shrug, but you just changed my mind... it looks awesome on you!
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Fei-- RT and 03 Red are tied for my fave red color. ANd I hope you are taking good care of my beloved chocolate twiggy, she's a beauty.

Adinh-- You should definitely get one! I'll help hunt one down for you

Sailornep5--I haven't kept all of them, a good number of them were sold to friends (I'm a horrible enabler, not that you know from experience or anything ) and the rest to online buyers. I think the most I had at one time was around 18. I have no closet space at all, they were just lined up against my wall like a beautiful art work.

Jesw1-- It's funny how I got into B-bags. My old flat-mate 2 years ago showed me her fake B-bag (I never heard of Balenciaga before and didn't know it was fake until I asked her about the style) and I liked the design and shape but hated the leather and how cheaply it was made. So after about 6-9 months of looking up about the real brand and researching on the different styles and colors, I knew I was obsessed. Most of my bags are Balenciaga but I go back and forth between Balenciaga and Hermes (Have less of these since one equals about 4 B-bags in cost). Balenciaga is definitely more my style and Hermes is more for when I'm dressed up and it looks more sophisticated.

mama2anangel-- I love the shrug! No zippers to fiddle with and it is not an endless pit like the Day (at least to a shortie like me). It is definitely an underrated style and is unfortunately discontinued as of 2006. The CB Shrug is my first B-bag
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OMG! My jaw is still on the floor!

I kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling!
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I wish I'd have so many bbags one day.... Which ones did you end up keeping?
I only have 2 bbags (06 rouge vif first+07 black day), love them both to death....
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Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous *_*

I'm going to blame you for introducing me to Balenciaga. If I ever get one it is ALL YOUR FAULT!
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OMG liz!!!!!!!!!!!!! everytime i've seen you so far, you're carrying a diff bag. who knew you had about a gazillion more at home! i think i'll have to see you more often so i can see all these in person! hahaaaaaaa very nice!
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Petite---Let's just say my ultimate goal is to limit myself to just 10 at a time. It's a work in progress....:blush:

Melody---You need one. That is all LOL! Oh, and they have Paddingtons for under $1K on sale somewhere!

Juju-We definitely need to hang out more
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i love your ink city!!! there had been one on ebay from another tpf member, but i wasn't that happy about the condition of it...
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I think you just posted pictures equaling my salary for a year.
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07 Vert D'eau (Sea Green) First

04 Turquoise Weekender
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???? Year White Balenciaga Mini-purse / Coin Purse / Porte-Monnaie

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Originally Posted by Melody View Post
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous *_*

I'm going to blame you for introducing me to Balenciaga. If I ever get one it is ALL YOUR FAULT!
Now you sound like me! And yes, I do blame her for me caving and buying my first one, when just a few months ago I was spazzing out for spending $150 on a Bulga bag!
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^ what is your first Balenciaga?
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While I know nothing of purses, I must say the red ones are GORGEOUS!!!!!
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05 Olive City
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05 Teal First

05 Chocolate Twiggy #2 (Yes, I bought the exact same bag again because I missed it =P )

05 Black City
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07 Vert Gazon Giant Hobo with GGH

07 Violet Day RH

03 Red City

07 Violet Step

06 Black City
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Liz! I think you forgot one - the black aviator.

And now I CAN officially blame you for sucking me in. Just to double check, but I have the 06, not the 05, right? I hugged the B-bag on BART today
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Oh yeah....Haha. I told you I forget how many bags I have!! There are still more that are un-pictured believe it or not.

You have the 06 S/S (Spring/Summer) Black City with very smooth and thick leather
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LOL! You're so funny! What a great set of Balenciaga's! (although I know you've since sold some).

I love the Cornflower blue planet. So cute!
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