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Is this Coach bag authentic?

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This is my first authenticity request. I really love this bag.

The link on ebay is : AUTHENTIC COACH White Polka Dot Leather Lunch Tote - (item 220135574711 end time Aug-06-07 12:31:36 PDT)

Any opinions would be appreciated!
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It looks good to me, but I hope someone with a little more expertise will weigh in as well.
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it doesn't look bad
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Real IMO
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Yeah i agree with u...for authenticity u can follow some points...


1.check the lining of Coach signature.. Lining in Coach use only in dark color exterior.

2.all the serial number or authentication code should be equal.

3. Stitching should be uniform double thickness.

4.Logo of Coach "C" will be always symmetrical


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if you are having so much trouble call a chanel shop or go in to see a chanel shop and they can check the authentication code . hope that helps

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this thread is YEARS old

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