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Can anyone post pics of any real bombay a's? I can't figure out how to post pics, I can't get the forum hotlink thing or whatever, so some pics of some real ones and maybe some tips on how to spot fake (specifically:bombay a's) would be greatly appreciated!
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Here's a link to pics of them at Revolve Clothing. Lots of upclose options of authentic Bombays.

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Also, this thread should help you if you want to post pictures in the future.

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Here are mine:




I can't take a tag pic very well with my camera. . but lemme know if you really need one and I'll try!
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^ ^ ^

P.S. -- I forgot to also mention . . . that thread is a sticky thread in this 'I Love Seven' section in case you don't want to bookmark it and need to refer to it in the future when you post pictures.
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I really want these! If anyone knows where I can get them in a size 24, I'd be grateful!!!!!
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anyone notice the tanline in that picture?
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Originally Posted by pinchy
anyone notice the tanline in that picture?
haha funny observation
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yeah - i was observing "other things" when i noticed that. they sure know how to pick their models. what. did someone say something?
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that tanline is pretty high
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you guys need some sleep...your minds are in tha gutter
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thanks! I just realized that the pair I was looking at are fake due to your pictures!
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