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OT - Turning flares into bootcut?

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Has anyone turned a flared leg opening into a bootcut? And did you do it yourself or take it to tailor? I'm wondering how much a tailor would charge for this. Any advice? Thanks!
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Interesting... I personally have never seen nor heard of this but i dont see why this couldn't be done... i'm sure if you can find a good enough tailor it's possible.

good luck and def post some pictures if ever u decide to do this!
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I don't have any flares. I "did" have bootcuts that have been converted to reversible straight legs (3 pairs) with a miniature boot effect. They were self done but took a while for the project to be completed. I didn't quite have time sit down in one single session to finish it up.

You might be looking somewhere around $25 dollars plus or minus at a qualified tailor.

Even though they were converted to reversible straights, I think the same idea applies. This also allows me to customize it to the way I like exactly. If I mess up, I can always readjust it whenever I want.


In order to convert the jeans, you have to flip the jeans inside out and sew up the materials that you want to visibly remove. You do NOT need to cut any fabric whatsoever.

Materials needed:
(1) Ruler
(2) Safety Pin - a lot
(3) Thread and Needle
(4) Mirror
(5) Jeans and Shoes

The Setup

(1) The project does NOT involve cutting any fabric whatsoever -- this is why my bootcuts are reversible.
(2) Put the jeans on AND a pair of shoes.

The Process

(3) Pin up the "excess" material that you like to be visibly removed (again, not cut off if you want the reversible effect). You can either do it to the outer OR inner part of the leg, or both. I either pin up the outer or inner part of the leg. Just do it to either the RIGHT or LEFT leg for now.
(5) Once you like the way it looks, leave the safety pins in place and remove the jeans.
(6) Flip the jeans inside out; now notice where the safety pins are. Quickly sew it up temporarily using the tracing made by safety pins as the marker. This shouldn't really take that long. Note; the safety should be removable after sewing. Using white thread here enables you to see thread trail.

(7) Remove the pins, the threading should NOT be that tight at the moment.
(8 ) Put the jeans on (both legs with shoes), stand in front the mirror, and see how you like the way they look.

Two ways to do it at this point:
(A) Ruler method: Liking the way it looks? Well, now flip the jeans inside out again and simply measure what was done on one leg, and apply those same measures to the other leg.
(B) Pattern Match method: Flip the jeans inside out, use the "temporarily done" leg and match it to the other leg. Attempt to get the same specifications and temporarily sew up the OTHER leg.
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One of the members here turned her Frankie b's into skinnies. Here's the link to the thread, although she took the pictures down. I'm sure you could PM her for advice.

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Wait, there's a difference??
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^ b/w flare and bootcut? Bootcut is narrower.
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like suggested above, i would just do the alternations myself. its not as hard as it sounds and takes about the same time as hemming. i took off about an inch circumference to a pair of flares and i got it right on my first try. you dont have to worry about making the stitches particularly neat or even really straight because you are sewing on the inside.
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Do you think you can show me a picture of the final product strawberryshortcake? I just want to see what the seam looks like on the outside. And how long did it take you to alter a pair of jeans?
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Basically they folded the extra material on the inside and sewed it

don't ask me how they re-did the hem though..i'm still confused about that after spending 2 minutes looking at it

EDIT: i guess they just opened up the hem and sewed the extra material material under it --- i don't know if you'll understand this without the actual jeans in hand.
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Originally Posted by mspowerbomb View Post
Do you think you can show me a picture of the final product strawberryshortcake? I just want to see what the seam looks like on the outside. And how long did it take you to alter a pair of jeans?
I'll post when I get a chance. But they're definitely not professional looking. They're pretty rugged looking--just the way I like things. What crmc05 posted actually looks more clean than what I've got going.

But I'll post my awful boot to straight leg job when I get a chance (and I will). But I do like the way they look.

If you want it to look professional, it's like better to take them to a tailor, unless you're extremely patient.

EDIT: or I might simply PM you with the photograph.
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best way is to take them to the tailors and bring along a pair of bootcut jeans that you love
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I altered my VB R's with swarovski on top of the pockets (what are these called? lol), I didn't like the flare, so I went to my tailor and she altered them to straight legs.They're one of the pairs I adore the most, and I wear them when going out, love them! I'd personally take them to a tailor, i don't have the patience to do it myself lol

I did it to a pair of Diesel Lowky BC, turned them into straight legs, they're perfect now imo
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Wow crmc05, your tailor did an amazing job on those jeans!!

strawberryshortcake, I'd love it if you could pm me with the pics!

I might try to do it myself but like all of you said, it's a lot of work! I'll probably take them to my tailor and see how much she charges for it.

Thanks everyone!
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mspowerbomb, I haven't forgot.

I will PM you those pictures. I just need to take care of some miscellaneous agenda before I can post. I'll probably do it tonight or tomorrow. I don't want to keep you hanging for too long. We need to get those flares turned into bootcuts so you can flaunt your body in hottness again.
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okay here's what i did to my madrid apricot crowns. instead of using the folding method, i took out some of the side stitching and resewed it.

here is the outside of the seam that i altered. i only took in one side since i wasnt reducing it by too much. one side is easy to take apart (the side that doesn't have the stitches showing). the other side seems more complicated, i would just go to a tailor if you want to reduce the flare from both sides.

now for the inside. i had to cut off the hem first so i could i take apart the side stitches. you can see the extra fabric that used to be on the outside..about an inch.

the next pic is of the zigzag stitching i used on the inside. warning: i have horrible sewing machine technique...try not to laugh. i would have done it by hand, but i was rushing. the darker imprint is where the original stitching was.

note how my zigzag stitch is crooked and uneven but it doesnt show from the outside since the fabric still folds on the original crease. the stitches basically just keep it in place but they dont determine the crease line.

i hope that helped a little.
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