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*Pics* of my Louboutins!

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They got here today and while they are incredibly gorgeous they don't fit me that well. I really hoped a sz 5 would fit me but I guess they are TTS because they are too big. You guys have to help me out.

Does it look like I've borrowed my moms shoes or do you think I can make them work with an extra insole and a pair of heel grips? Also I get 'toe cleavage' but since they are too big I guess this would happen to almost everyone since I've never felt that my toes were particularly long LOL. ^^

This is how big they are. I can fit 3 fingers behind my heel.

So ladies, your honest opinion please. Will I look ridiculous or can I get away with them?
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Yeah they're way too big. I'm sorry. They're cute though.
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Aw...they look too big Looks pretty though.

Maybe you can get those inserts to make it fit?
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Yeah, I think I'm going to at least try the inserts cause there's no way I'll find another pair in a sz 4.
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i wish i had tiny, feminine feet like you!
they look too big though

maybe try stuffing the toes + the inserts?
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wow you have such tiny feet!!! stuff the hell out of those heels! you can make it work!!
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too big imo don't ruin your feet (or the shoes) just to get them to fit. keep searching
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Those are really cute, but I agree with everyone that they're a bit big. Maybe try the extra insoles and see if they help.
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I don't think the insoles will work for such a big size difference AND on a pair of 4-inch-heel shoes. It'd be walking in pain. I agree, keep searching instead of hurting your feet and ruining the resale value of the shoes. =)
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those are too big imo also . i'm sorry.
do u feel comfy in it though? afterall its 5" heels right? lol.
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Yeah the heels are 5''. They're actually quite comfortable, very soft inside and very cushioned. Although, I've only just tried them on.

My problem is that I don't even know if Louboutins come in smaller than size 4.5. I've seen Pigalles in 4.5 but that size would also be too big I would need at least a 4. That's why I'm so desperate to make these work. I'm going to stuff them will soles and grips and take more pics and you can let me know what you think.

Does anyone know if Louboutins come in sz 4? (or smaller heh, fat chance)
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Pigalles tend to "seem" big, but I think that is because of the 5-inch stiletto. I don't think the heel or foot pad inserts will do much for that much "extra" shoe.

CL boutiques will special order them ... call Michael at Horatio Street in New York (find the number online at Christian Louboutin - Luxury red sole shoes and more...). It's a small charge, but it's worth it.

The Pigalles are timeless!!
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^ Do you mean that they will special order a custom size?
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They do look too big imo.

I find it tough to find shoes that fit me as well, cause my feet are so narrow. length wise I can do a 5,5 or 6, but very often they're too wide. When I size down, they are too small.

Anyway, just out of curiosity, what's your Europian size?
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Originally Posted by Anna View Post

Anyway, just out of curiosity, what's your Europian size?
I usually wear a sz 34 for regular shoes but I do have some 33's as well. Sneakers tend to run big so most of my sneakers/trainers are juniors sz 32/33. I even have a pair of 31's but they must be extremely big.

I wear the same size as my partners 8 year old daughter (from a previous relationship). It's totally crazy. I buy shoes for her by trying them on myself.

Small feet is a curse! It's virtually impossible to find nice shoes that are priced reasonably. I'm so bummed.
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Oh my, that's so tiny. I can imagine it must be really tough to find shoes. I will never complain again about my size 36.
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your feet are so tiny. they look great on you! I don't think you'll be able to find anything smaller
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I dont think any padding or grips can help... I once had the same problem and my shoe guy used a solution on the leather and pinched in the heel and let it set like that, it actually helped the gap and made it fit better (like the opposite of stretching a shoe). However, I am not sure thats something you want to play around with because if it doesnt work out as you wish, it might leave some marks in the shoe. Its worth inquiring about though.
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