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SFAM Crisis!

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So I went to go switch my wash, and pulled out my Men's SFAM Munich Bootcut and noticed a huge flipping whole down near the bottom of the jeans! These are without a doubt my most favorite pair of Sevens, and I simply can't live without them (sad, right?) And so, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me locate a pair. I need a size 32 but could do a 31. I found them on Barneys website on sale for 69, but all they had was a 38.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You could send them to denim therapy.
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I'm pretty sure their past the point of no return
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how did that happen in the wash?
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I would love to the same thing! I wore them yesterday and certainly didn't notice any small tears of any kind down at the bottom and then I pulled them out of the washer and noticed this catastrophe! It makes me really sad...
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Post pics? Some really horrible rips/defects have been fixed before. There may still be hope.
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