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Hormonal Acne

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I hardly ever get acne inless its that time of the month for me and then my forehead will be covered in baby acne "like those tiny tiny ones eww" . I use pretty decent stuff too so for the most part my skin is pretty clear. Is there something I can use for the hormonal acne breakouts. They are always on my forhead never any place else, once ina blue moon I will get one of two on my chin?? Is proactive, or something else, something I should try or should I go to a dermatologist?
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Walk briskily for an hour a day before and during your cycle. Walking is one of the only excercises that detoxes hormones. Vigorous excercise causes the body to produce excess adreanline, which is a hormone, so that does not work to detox hormones as you will ony be dealing with the adrenaline during your workout and not the female hormones.

Also, as always, clean out your colon.
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Hehe your too cute
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