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I can tell your bag is fake!

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This is borrowed from over at AF. I thought you'd ladies would enjoy it as well. I've always loved David and Goliath merch.

Now all that is needed is HF to do "I can tell your jeans are fake" t-shirts - an idea shamelessly borrowed from AF.

David and Goliath, Inc - Fun and more Fun, oh and tees too!

I can tell you bag is fake

I Can Tell Your Bag Is Fake

I Can Tell Your Bag Is Fake
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aww all those show up as "access denied" but I know what youre talking about! i have a little pin with that saying, haha
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I love David and Goliath stuff, even though i'am 20 now. Usually when i'am in a store with my mom and see a fake bag, were usually like to each other, "that bag is so fake"
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lol I need one of those
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haaaaaa I always nudge my boyfriend when I see a fake purse or pair of jeans.. he just rolls his eyes
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Hahahahaha thats F*d up lol <3
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i'm so with the jeans idea! hahaaaa
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I've seen those before... I love that site too!!
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omg that is awesome
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^theres some for $9.99 at the Westhills Winners in Calgary
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sweet T. i would get one when i actually know how to tell a bag fake. lol.
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Originally Posted by courtzzzz69 View Post
^theres some for $9.99 at the Westhills Winners in Calgary
I would break my ban for this shirt. lol

I may have to check out my local Winners tomorrow. Damn you and your news!!! (j/k)
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I was gonna buy the shirt, but I banned myself from buying anything. But after, I broke my ban and bought Paige's from Holt and TNA tanks
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These are cool shirts. I'm gonna buy one next week when I come back from vacation!
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omg i SOOO need a shirt like that!!!!!!
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