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new sandals--help!

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i decided it's time to graduate from my reefs and old navy flip flops this summer and buy a real pair of sandals. however, as a flip flop enthusiast, i don't know what to get, or what's really in style! i was thinking maybe a pair of wedge espradille-types (without the ties around the ankle, though) or maybe a bohemian/birkenstock type of shoe.

i'd like something thats versatile (dressy enough to wear out, but won't look ridiculous with a pair of shorts or capris when i'm out shopping).

opinions/suggestions? where should i look?
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What price range would you like to stay in?
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under $100, preferably (if i'm going trendy i don't want to spent tooo much since i may not be wearing them in a couple of years)
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if you can find a pair, marc jacobs made some cute gladiator sandals last summer. i have them and wear them often, they're comfy and better than flip flops.
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all leather sandals are good to go! you should check out mags like InStyle or People Style watch, they have a lot of pics and stuff about sandals
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