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Sz 27/28 Mojos $80 BIN

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Repost for messing up the size in the title and not being able to edit it. Grrr.

Sz 28, but seller says they run small. You don't see these very often!

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man...I just emptied my paypal...Dang it...I swear I just tried these on today at Saks and LOved them!!!
They are really lightweight, and super cute!!
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I have them and I think they run TTS
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Ahhhgsh, I just sold a pair of these in HM that were SOOOO gorgeous, but they were MILES too small on me. Seriously... But they were def mis-tagged, because they were marked as 29's and I'm a 26. SOMEONE get these! The wash is AMAZING!
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The tag is weird on her other pair.
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The gunmetal As? Yeah, those are fake.
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