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Got my Bal =)

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Can anyone confirm it's real? Just want to make sure there was no bait and switch .

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looks good to me. where are the pics of it modeled??
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i look super duper crappy today... i will take some tomorrow as soon as i get home from work
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I only see 2 pics.

Can I see the bales, the buckles, underside of the zippers, the backside of the tag with the serial numbers, any tags it came with, the extra tassels, and a clear photo of the silver tag?

So far it looks good to me.
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Okay, I will definitely take those pics once I get home.

Question... what are bales?

Also, it came with a Controllato card. Does Balenciaga do that? I thought that was weird.
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They do come with controllato cards.

The bales is the looping thing that holds the clip that attaches the shoulder strap to the O ring on the bag.
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more pics... thanks for authenticating Liz!

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Let me know what you think, and if you need more pics!
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Everything looks good.

I still need a shot of the bale, it is just cut out on the 5th photo. It's not the clip, it is an oval looking twisted loop. On the fake ones, it is square. Sometimes it is the only sign of a a fake on the superfake handbags.

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