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but that's only because the current legal definitions are stupid.

I will say it again - the government should get out of the business of giving you benefits on the basis of who you choose to sleep with. There should be a way to get those benefits but you should be able to get them under many other circumstances that just "marriage"
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ben, i agree a case can be made that the government is handling marriage poorly.

unfortunately, until otherwise, it sucks that anyone would have to settle for a civil union.

i'm sure the reasons why the government is so stubborn about marriage transcends law and order, so it may be a long while, if ever, before we see any changes.
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Originally Posted by not_a_virus.exe View Post
unfortunately, until otherwise, it sucks that anyone would have to settle for a civil union.
unless civil unions conveyed all the rights and privileges that marriage does now. Or unless the government allows people to file for various rights irrespective of whether they're "married" or in a "civil union."
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yes, but all of that isn't going to happen without, as stated, otherwise (government handling marriage better).
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Originally Posted by Zeitgeist View Post
I do not care if someone is gay nor do I care if they want to celebrate it.

My entire question was, why must homosexual parades involve gaudy outfits, dances, music, dressing up as the opposite sex, etc?
As for the people who bring up "why don't you criticize mardi gras," last time I checked we weren't debating Mardi Gras.
I didnt continue reading on from this point in the thread because its such a joke at this point. Be honest Z, you keep saying you don't have a problem with one's sexual orientation, you're only issue is that people celebrate it by wearing bright colored gaudy costumes, dancing, etc????? Who are you kidding? Do you honestly think that ANY member here is buying into your BS about having no issue with gay people??

If you have nothing against gays, why does the parading bother you? How does it directly affect your life and anger you so much?
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boo you, Zeit for raining on this parade.

remember that whole thing about politics and HF... water and oil...

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