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dooney & bourke

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are they still "in" or not?
my friend gave me her old bag, and it's not really "me"
so i want to try and sell it.
in general, is there stuff still in?
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I don't think they're in anymore. THey definitely had their phase when Lilo or Mischa Barton was pimping their bags. That, and their faux LV multicolour bags were cute back in the day. Now, not so much, IMO.
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i was thinkign the same thing.
i mean, it's not an ugly bag...it's just not me. and i'd just like to get rid of it. but i was pretty sure they werent in style.
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I'm sure there's still a market out there for d&b.. tweeners and smaller girls seem to still like them because they're cheaper and are still somewhat considered "higher end" [albeit the low low end of high end... but they're more valued than liz claiborne, etc]
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my friend bought the bag for $235 new like a year ago.
i don't really care what i get for it...aslong as it can fund some jeans

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