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nivea's goodbye cellulite

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could anybody please tell me if nivea's goodbye cellulite actually works and also how often do you apply it and on top or underneath your body lotion. problem is i bought it overseas and the application instructions are written in french!!! unfortunately it is not sold in south africa so i can not even go to the shops and read how to apply it. thanks a lot.
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your talking about the patches right???

well did you check makeupalley.com?
that's a great site for reviews on lots of things.

three people rated this product a 1.

here's one person's review:

"Where to start my rant? I always buy these cellulite products with a grain of salt, because all they really do is firm the skin. Along with exercise and diet improvements, you'd think these would be a *bit* of a help. Not so. In fact, I swear I woke up with worse dimpling after the first night's wearing.
First of all, these patches do not stay on. I could hardly get them to stay on my thigh while I was standing there applying them, so forget getting them to stay on all night while you are rolling around in bed. They're thick, damp and heavy, and even if the skin is relatively free of lotions or creams, these patches just want to come off. I "solved" this one night by sleeping with shorts on, and even then I woke up with half of one patch stuck to the shorts. And here I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get them off."

all 3 people said the patches don't stick and they all hate it :T
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i dont think any of those cellulite creams or lotions or patches work. Sorry, but i think its just a waste of money
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Originally Posted by PoorCollegeGirl View Post
i dont think any of those cellulite creams or lotions or patches work. Sorry, but i think its just a waste of money
Depends on the product you buy imo...they do work to a certain extent.

So long as you're working it in properly, the creams can prove to have effective results. If you dont massage it in big time, the product itself can only do so much. What it does is increase blood flow to the skin. Which in turn provides more elasticity and smoothes lumps and bumps out.

The biggest benefit of the cellulite cream is that they actually penetrate the skin layers and go directly to the source of the cellulite problem. It's the only thing that goes deep enough into the fat cells deflating them, hence the smoother look.

I dont think Nivea is the best to use personally if you're going to invest in a cellulite product...have you ever heard of Dermaglow Cellulite Therapy? I recommend it to almost anyone, this stuff is incredible.

dermaglow - Advanced Cellulite Therapy
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