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Asian knees look funny?

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I was told a lot of Asians have hyper extensive knees (I do) and so it always looks funny in photographs.

Anyway to make them look better in photos? My knees always lock automatically and if I unlock them, I feel like I will fall.
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Yeah, pics!

I don't know what you're talking about. Do I have them?
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silly knees? i wanna see too!
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um..i don't see anything odd about them
are you talking about like...your kneecap?
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^^ haha nice legs.
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I think I know what you're talking about .. its not so much the knees though. It's more like if i stand completely straight, my calves stick out more than they are supposed to.. when looking from the side.

Is that what you're talking about? If so then, I have that. lol but I've never thought that it looked strange in pictures. I just know because my best friend's brother commented on it once. >:T
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My knees also hyper extend and I am not asian. I need to make an effort for them not to go too far back. I always feel like it makes me shorter :P
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everyone here on this forum is too beautiful to worry about their knees imo
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eek so do you have to be careful when working out??

i just googled it, and it sounds pretty scary lol
and it seems like its an injury? but people are born with it?
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