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Need opinion LV vs CHANEL

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Hey girls,

I'm in desperate need for your opinions!! So ..i went to the LV store today and saw a gorgeous purse ..it is from the new collection and I can't seem to find the name online. It's like a clutch, a bit bigger than the pochette, with a blackish purplish vernis color and the strap is half vernis and half chain. it's very classy..so I don't know if i can wear it out casually. I put it on hold for 24 hours..but Im debating now...

should i get it or just save up for a chanel?!?!
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i would have to see pics of both the bags that u want to tell u my opinions. lol. i usually go for the one that i like more shape wise, style, which one u will be able to carry more. if u've been saving up for a chanel for a while now, get that one first then .
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It's the Sunset Blvd =) the amarante is a GORGEOUS color and works so well on that bag. The chain is removable as well so you can use it as a clutch/wallet! I think it can be played down wit the right outfit.

Which Chanel are you considering?
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Here's the sunset blvd

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oh and i think i vote to save up for the Chanel. I looked at the sunset blvd today and there were TONS of fingerprints on it already and it wasnt even out on display!
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save for the Chanel!
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Although the sunset blvd is soooooo gorgeous (*love* the amarante color), will it be practical enough for you to use for the price you pay?

If you've been saving for a chanel, I'd say stick with the plan.
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Thanks a lot girls...the fingerprints bugged me a lot! the guy at the store had to wipe it every time he lifted the purse. I never considered buying a chanel..until yesterday..when i held it Im considering the black lambskin classic with gold chain. It's a bit pricey though..but..im getting it for myself for my 21st birthday. (my boyfriend is against it..yet he spends all of his money on hf) grrr
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can anyone tell me the retail price for this in the states (its 2325 + tax in canada)?! thanks!!
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wow, the sunset blvd is gorgeous!

but i'd definitely save for the chanel.. the flap is THE classic bag.
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i also vote to save for a chanel! the classic lambskin would look good with almost everything =D
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Originally Posted by kwongers View Post
can anyone tell me the retail price for this in the states (its 2325 + tax in canada)?! thanks!!
for the chanel right? do you know what size you were looking at? the medium lambskin classic flap is 2150 in the states.
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There was a mini (which can only fit a cellphone and keys) and then there was the small. (which can fit my lv long wallet only + keys). I dont know if that helps..thanks a lot mello_yello_jen
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